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Thursday, July 14, 2011

My (brief) Nationals AAR!

Whew, what an event! I didn't take many pictures (Pete did- we'll post some up in a few days), but here's a quick run down of what went down for me!

HQ: Panhard
Deep Recon Platoon- 5x Panhard
Deep Recon Platoon- 5x Panhard
Deep Recon Platoon- 5x Panhard
Recon Platoon- 3x Hotchkiss H39
Active Fusiliers Platoon (full strength)
Fusilies Mortar Platoon
Medium Combat Platoon- 5x SOMUA S-35
All Terrain Towed 75mm Battery

GAME ONE: Breakthrough vs Shawn Tester. Shawn was running German Czech Panzers and was thus attacking. I started with my infantry, mortars, 75s, and SOMUAs on the board. Shawn did a very good job of breaking through my lines, but we kept him tied up just long enough to hang on to the objectives. This is one of the only games I've ever won to time out, but we did get in 8 or so turns, so I don't feel too bad about it! I lost a ton, though, but so did Shawn! Both of our companies were pretty mauled. 4-3 for me, one more turn and he probably would've had me.

GAME TWO: Breakout vs Chris Hecht. Chris ran his panzerschutzen- I again was defending. To make a long story short, I forgot I was defending and had Chris being chased all around the board! This also meant I lost sight of one of my objectives, which Chris snatched in a breakoff move from one of my own assaults! D'oh! Kudos to Chris for turning a potential 1-6 into a 4-3. This is how to lose a game without losing any platoons! 3-4 for me.

GAME THREE: Fighting Withdrawal vs Matt Gibson. Matt was running Foot Pioneers. Finally my list was *attacking*, and along a broad front! Matt deployed 88s and pioneers very far forward on my right, and a combination of smoke and SOMUAs made him pay for that. As time was running low, my SOMUAs braved an assault on pioneers in a wood, eventually grabbing the defender's objective. I lost no platoons, but kept him pretty tied up on all fronts. 6-1.

GAME FOUR: Encounter vs Mark's British Armoured Regiment. This was ugly. I'd rather not relive it. Mark was a great player with a great list, and that is all I will say. 1-6.

GAME FIVE: No Retreat vs Heath Alexander's SS Kradschutzen. This was an aweosme game! Heath did exactly what he needed to do- his company was severely tattered but he fed the objectives until time out. I couldn't quite get PAST them, just TO them. We easily got in 8 turns, so I have no excuse! His fearlessness paid off in spades. 3-4 to me.

GAME SIX: Free For All vs Bruce Oberst's SS Kradschutzen. First, let me say that Bruce's stuff was painted insanely well! In the end, my list did what it's designed to do. Panhards kept things busy, nipping at the heels. SOMUAs and Hotchkiss crashed into his lines. In the end, we broke his company for the loss of one Panhard platoon. 5-2.

In the end I got 15th overall, which I am okay with. Most importantly, I had an amazing time with some great friends!

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