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Monday, July 4, 2011

ISU Assault Guns- For Sale at Historicon.

After much thought and discussion, we here at WWPD have decided to start offering some items at conventions, and eventually on our site. Joining Luke this year in the Flea Market where he will be selling his beautiful bocage, Sean will be selling our offerings. He and I sat down and painted these ISU 122s and 152s as a bit of a test. Expect much more from us in the future, as a way to help people get painted items on the table. We often stress how important it is to play with painted miniatures, and now we want to help those with little time on their hands. More details will be forthcoming, but this is not necessarily a commission-painting setup. Think of this as a means of getting some great new stuff for a very good price. If you truly want premium painted models, we suggest MG-42 Painting. Come by and have a look at the Historicon flea market!

Again, for now these will not yet be available online, but that will likely change. Please e-mail me or Sean if you have any questions.

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