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Sunday, July 3, 2011

I-95 Thursday FOW Tournament at Historicon

From Eric:

Hey guys, just wanted to put out some last minute points on the Open Thursday tournament. First thanks for hanging in there with all the changes I had to make cause of the Convention hall problems. There is some old info out there that is wrong.

Early War 1750 points
Thursday at Noon,
Show up sign in.
I will hand you your player card.
Once you have it pick a table pick a opponent.
If anybody has a problem I will assign it, but I wanted you guys to have that chance to have fun and settle some old scores and play with some old friends.

Dice Roll at 1pm
First Mission. Blind Domination
Second Mission. Frontline Domination
Last mission Domination.

All missions are in the files section here (I-95 Yahoo Group). PLEASE PRINT THEM OUT IF YOU CAN AND BRING THEM. This will save my printing costs some. If you cant get the files PM me.

Scoring is 2pts for win, 10 Domination points equal one battle point.

Hey this is a easy funtime tournament bring the beer, ... and save your stress for the Nats.

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