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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Easy flag /aerial recognition tutorial

A few people have asked me to show a brief tutorial on how I make flags. It's really very simple! And here is the process:

STEP ONE: Cut out your flag shape. I use scrap printer paper- or even spam mail! The flags aren't always perfectly rectangular, which rarely matters since they don't fit on the equipment perfectly anyways.

STEP TWO: cover one side in tacky glue. It can be helpful to use your hobby knife to hold the paper in place.

STEP THREE: Once the tacky glue is in place, let it dry. I usually leave it overnight.

STEP FOUR: Rough it up! Ball it, crumple it, stretch it a bit. I do this to break up the paper fiber. It makes it look a bit more like fabric, and potentially hold the paint better. Either way, the glue will hold it all together! Now your flags are ready to paint!

Now paint your flags appropriately! You can see here that I need a second coat of red, but the flags are ready for their new homes.

The flag on the left's new home.

Flag on the right.

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