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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Easy flag /aerial recognition tutorial

A few people have asked me to show a brief tutorial on how I make flags. It's really very simple! And here is the process:

STEP ONE: Cut out your flag shape. I use scrap printer paper- or even spam mail! The flags aren't always perfectly rectangular, which rarely matters since they don't fit on the equipment perfectly anyways.

STEP TWO: cover one side in tacky glue. It can be helpful to use your hobby knife to hold the paper in place.

STEP THREE: Once the tacky glue is in place, let it dry. I usually leave it overnight.

STEP FOUR: Rough it up! Ball it, crumple it, stretch it a bit. I do this to break up the paper fiber. It makes it look a bit more like fabric, and potentially hold the paint better. Either way, the glue will hold it all together! Now your flags are ready to paint!

Now paint your flags appropriately! You can see here that I need a second coat of red, but the flags are ready for their new homes.

The flag on the left's new home.

Flag on the right.


Anatoli said...

Nice and simple, I use the same method to make flags and banners for all sorts of stuff myself, though when it is a larger flag on a flagpole I make it a "double", meaning I fold it around the flagpole. Really easy and durable flags this way :-)

Neal Smith said...

I usually do the double method too, but sometimes that's because there is something different on the obverse. :) It looks OK to do it in 15mm too as long as you give it enough "pole" room to fold.

If you don't have such awesome freehand skills as Steven, you can also print the flag from an online image or photocopy/scan from a book, then touch it up with paint using the pattern. That's how I did most of my SYW flags.

Anatoli said...

@ Neal, yeah good point. Forgot about that, printing out flags and gluing them double folded with PVA glue in the middle works really well too. Made one such flag for my F&IW frenchies.

Mr.highseas said...

I found a sheet of flags for 20mm, but they look good for large 15mm flags. The sheet has all the major powers plus Italy, France, and Canada. I can't remember exactly where I found it, but I have it saved, so I can email it to anyone who,s interested. Also, in Hellfire and Back, does the Crusader Company have 1s or a mix of 1s and 2s? If it's just 1s, then which is better, Crusader 1s or Honey Stuarts?

indierockclimber said...

Technically I believe they are referred to as "Crusader II" but I don't think there's any noticable outward appearance between the two? I could be wrong.

By default they come without the deck turret MG, but you can pay 5 pts for it. I plan to model all of them WITH the deck turret, and decide at list creation whether to use it or not (the majority of the time, before they were removed by practice, the crew used them for storage!)

As for what's better0 that's a tough one! Crusaders get Tally Ho, Stuarts get light tank... but their cost is very similar.

Mr.highseas said...

Thanks, Steve. And I know about the Roman numerals. I was just being lazy. Given the BAR's success, I think Tally Ho! would be better. I like the Crusader model better, so I will start on that as soon as I am done with my 11th AD list.

jmezz382 said...

Comrade Steven, My men of 1st Company our proud you have helped them acquire the glorious Soviet battle flags .... ** thanks **

Izimu said...

Great article. I've been looking forward to this for a while.

Porkchop said...

For the soviets Battlefront has a file available:

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