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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Czech Panzers vs French Reserve Infantry!

  • HQ + Mortars + AT Guns
  • Rifle Platoon 1 w/ attached AT Guns
  • Rifle Platoon 2
  • Rifle Platoon 3
  • Divisional AT
  • HMG Platoon
  • 155 Battery
  • 75mm Battery
  • British Guards Rifle Platoon
  • 4x HMG Bunkers + 8 Barbed Wire + 1 AT Trap

  • HQ
  • 4x Czech Panzers
  • 4x Czech Panzers
  • 5x Panzer II C Early
  • Leichte Panzers: 1 PzIIC Early, 4x PzI
  • Panzerschutzen
  • 2 tube 105 Battery

The Blitzkrieg is in full effect! Losses from the previous battle in the town of Petite Exterieurs still burn in the streets. Reluctant French infantry have been told to hold for as long as they can, as the sounds of diesel engines approach!

The Mission is Fighting Withdrawal. Like our previous game, I am not going to write a turn by turn. Let me say this- this game had some sentimental value as it may be me and Brian's last game! He is moving to California at the end of the month. He shall be missed!


DEPLOYMENT: Steven deploys the majority of his force in the huge wheat field where all 3 objectives reside. Brian actually placed both of his objectives side by side! Steven boxed himself in under the watchful eye o the 155s, 75s, HMGs, 2 HMG bunkers, infantry with attached AT, and the HQ mortars. Two infantry platoons were deployed in the Western part of the board. The Divisional AT guns are in ambush.

Brian kept all of his czech panzers and Panzer IIs focused on the wheat field, while he sent his leichte panzers and Panzerschutzen wide, in an effort to sweep into the French defenses.

Early on, there is a shootout between tanks and 75s. Eventually the 75s wipe out the Panzer IIs, but are lost in return. The 155s never do anything of import, and are eventually picked apart by 38(t)s. The leichte panzers chew up a platoon in the West outside "the wire". French infantry further west is pulled back in withdrawal.

The British Guards hold out vs 3 assaults, but are eventually vanquished as objectives begin being removed.

In the end, both attacker's objectives are removed with only the "primary" objective remaining. The reluctant french are completely surrounded, and out of their fox-holes eating bullets. In the end, however, Brian is one turn too late to nab the objective, and his only hope is breaking the french company. Fortunately, the company commander lives! And the result of the motivation check is? A 5. The French hold on with only 1 AT gun, and the HMGs remaining.

Such an incredibly tense and close game- it's why I love Fighting Withdrawal so much! Brian was a true ace- Rommel would've been proud. However, just one turn behind the withdrawal, after spending too long trading fire with 75s.

Special Note!!!: Those GORGEOUS flame/smoke markers on the burning wrecks from the previous battle were very generously given to us by Shawn Morris of The Terrainguy fame. Make sure to check out his amazing videos here:


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