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Thursday, July 28, 2011

After Hours Episode 6: The BARGUMENT.

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After Hours 06- After recording episode 22, Steve and Luke duke it out regarding the British Armored Regiment, with Judge Dirty presiding. The fellows keep it jovial and above the belt, and round out the episode with usual silliness, movie chat, and general life lessons for the downtrodden. Or something like that.

Editor's note- I do not want the BARgument to color the future of EW FoW around here. I was hesitant to even discuss it at all. Moving forward, I plan to avoid it as a topic on the podcast. There's enough of it on the forums!


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cbaxter said...

hey guys

another great After Hours, everyone must buy now!!! I like the discussion about the BAR and general banter.

JMHahn said...

Good episode, if it matters +1 vote for a overarching topic. Doesn't need to be the whole episode-- this one was just about perfect.

Having not looked at early war too closely (lack of local players for Early) it was good to get an overview of the BAR without sifting through 16 pages of angry forum posts.

Andrew said...

Yes, very well done. Level-headed analysis from Steven trumps Luke's anecdotal counter-arguments any time. I appreciate that you tried to handle what could have been an emotional and highly subjective topic in a sober and objective manner.

While I would tend to agree that keeping the podcast positive overall is a good idea, doing something like this is warranted. Thanks WWPD crew!

pudson said...

Keeping with the theme of this last AH I would like to respectfully disagree with Andrew and suggest the podcast would have been better if you had all been hammered.

Matt D said...

great stuff. I did not feel that the BAR brought any negativity only well thought out analysis of the possible problem.

grumpus said...

Being a super-noob, i would be thrilled at the "NoObZoNe" compilation idea. Lets hope others feel this way too.

Andrew said...

Yeah I would pay for a noob zone compilation for sure. They're useful and you sure do got a purdy voice...

Also, you didn't mention how infantry teams work with turning to face. Care to address that?

Dirty Jon said...

@Andrew: Infantry teams turn just like other teams, but it rarely matters since they have a 360 degree firing arc. Turning to face usually matters because it impacts the next firing turn and rarely because of physical constraints.

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