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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Quick news update and French 25mm AT Guns

Hey guys- first up I know it's the 2nd Sunday since our last 'cast and folks are jonesin'! (Seriously, thank you everyone who's e-mailed us asking when the next episode would be out- it keeps us going!)

Unfortunately, we did not record this weekend and may not for a few days. The reason? Our Mk I Air Conditioning unit failed a difficult weather check and bogged down. Unfortunately, it's also 13 years old and thus unreliable. Anyways, I've stretched that dumb metaphor long enough. The bottom line is my house is 90 degrees, and the thought of sharing a room with Luke and Jon in this heat is not pleasant. Right now my top priority is getting it replaced and getting my pregnant wife somewhere where she can be comfortable!

This weekend I sent her to her parents' and I stayed with the ship. I got some painting done, but it was so hot I mostly just sat around miserably.

So the next episode is TBA- we will definitely get one more in before Historicon.
Speaking of Historicon: don't forget to come to the live show at 9:00 Saturday night! We will have the room details soon, and there will be flyers for it which you won't miss!

And now here's a few pictures of some French 25mm AT Guns I finished up. These are Quick Reaction Force. I also got a blister of the BF ones, and I can solidly say the BF guns are WAY better. The crew are a decent match, with the QRF guys being a tiny bit smaller. The QRF *do* have the correct helmets though, so that's something. Overall, I still prefer the BF models, but it is what it is.

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