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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Painted Train, & Cassino Monastary Prizes @ the Live Show!!


Guys, our train is in hand.  Furthermore, the excellent gents from MG-42 painting have generously donated a JR Miniatures Cassino model.  Both of these amazing additions to your collections can be won by only one way:

Coming to our live show, and entering the raffle!  BUT!  There's a slight catch.  The Raffle will be done at the end of the show- the very last thing we do will give away these amazing prizes.  In order to enter the raffle you have to be in the lecture room before the 2nd break, and stick it out through the end.  No showing up for free beer and bouncing!

Not that you need any incentive to stick around with us!

This is in addition to many smaller prizes we'll be giving out for our trivia.  Brush up!  The trivia will be WWII, FoW, and even WWPD related.

And now, read on to see the pictures of the awesomeness YOU could win!


Neal Smith said...

Hmmmm.... Wondering if I can make it up just for Saturday night now! Whoa! Love those prizes!

Pete said...

You can find a way!

Johnnyutah said...

Having seen that Cassino in person I can say the pictures don't do it justice. Whoever wins that prize just got the deal of the century!

jmilesr said...


If I show up with extra beer does that improve my chances to win?

indierockclimber said...

No, but it improves your chances to be my new best friend!

Scary Biscuits said...

Have fun guys! I'm just a bit jealous ;)

Neal Smith said...

That building piece is really awesome! I guess I'll have to go find me one for sure now! :)

Anatoli said...

God damn, stupid ocean..... Oh well, good luck to everyone. That Cassino abbey and the train look fantastic.

Pete said...

If you start swimming now Ana you may make it by Cold Wars!

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