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Monday, June 27, 2011

German Schutzen vs French Escadron De Reconaissance Brief AAR

  • HQ + Rommel
  • Full Schutzen, MG upgrade
  • Full Schutzen
  • Light Pioneers
  • Mixed Recon
  • 4x 38(T)
  • 2x 105s
  • Stuka Schwere'

  • HQ Panhard
  • 5x Panhards
  • 5x Panhards
  • 5x Panhards
  • 3x Recon Hotchkiss
  • 5x SOMUAs
  • Active Infantry
  • Mortars
  • 75 Battery
  • Air interception

This is a fairly brief AAR. I had the board setup and left over from the previous battle in the heavy french terrain, and wanted to run my Nationals list against some infantry in a difficult scenario. Brian obliged with his Schutzen and we rolled up Breakthrough!

Below, I will post all of the pictures, but I am not going to give a blow by blow, instead I will summarize the entire battle here:

Basically, I split my attack into two fronts. The first was down the center with Panhards, and Hotchkiss. The other on my left with SOMUAs and infantry. In reserve I had 1 panhard platoon (it never showed, but we only played 5 turns).

Brian helpd me up solidly- maintaining the cross-roads with schutzen. And boxing me in on my left with schutzen and HMGs. His artillery was watching the approach on the left, and his pioneers and recon moved forward to the objective. He had 38(T)s in reserve.

The attack was going decently, but a few rough turns occured- I lost 5 panhards in an assault against schutzen for very little loss to Brian. My infantry actually performed well, but ground themselves down (easy to do with 8 confident trained infantry!).

The big assault came on turn 5, thinking it would be the turn to make my breakthrough. But instead, the forest ate most of my SOMUAs and company command right in the face of pioneers lead by Rommel. At that point, I was tired (very busy weekend!), plus the game had gone on for a bit and I didn't want to watch my boys cut down horrendously, so I called the game for Brian, in a 5-2.

Brian had a great deployment (which is something I know he's worked on!), and did a great job of holding me up. I pushed my troops a bit too hard given the terrain and deployment, and also didn't concentrate enough. All in all it was an enjoyable game, and good to come up against a nightmare scenario with my nats list! I still think the list has extreme merit, especially when I have some maneuvering room. But congrats to Brian and taking on what I consider a very mean list, and coming out on top!

Here are the pictures. The turns are delineated by the overhead shots!

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indierockclimber said...

hahaha I accidentally left the picture I took of Lydia sleeping with the hounds. Oh well.

The extra beagle in the top right is our friends' dog Daisy. Recon is the other beagle, and the black little dog on the back of the cushion is Scout- a mini dachshund.

Gottmituns205 said...

Barkmann laughs at Scout, because Barkmann always counts as being gone to ground when concealed.

Btw...who won?

Neal Smith said...

Love the "minimal" report! How did that stand "die" on the roof of the church! I actually "snorked" when I saw that one! :)

Tyler said...

Sounds like a tough match. Good luck with nationals!

cbaxter said...

yes good luck at nats. love the pics even without the write up. my mind filled in the blanks.

jmezz382 said...

Man ... some brutal fighting took place !

Itinerant said...

is this your 100th? Saw a msg on TMP. Congrats, that's a big achievement. I just read the one you did with your dad in 2009 - DDay scenario.

It got me to thinking what you've enjoyed about doing the AARs, what you've found works best for you and which ones get the most comments. You know, a little reflection on this part of the hobby. I really enjoy AARs and have written a few and know they can take some time.

Thanks for sharing and I hope all is well. Liked the sleeping picture. Nice touch, even though an accident.

indierockclimber said...

Yep, this was the 100th! Brian has the distinction of pwning me in my 100th :)

I think your question is great, and probably warrants a post of it's own:

I've found that it's all about the pictures. The in between turn summary pics really help the close-up action make sense. I actually plan to start adding "Battle Summaries" at the end, just for anyone who may have had trouble following along.

That picture made me laugh when I saw it, glad you enjoyed it! I appreciate the kind words :)

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