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Friday, June 24, 2011

German Panzers vs French Reserve (Reluctant!) Infantry!

Last night I set up an absolutely sadistic terrain board for an infantry on infantry battle with Brian. Unfortunately, Brian had to bail at the last second, so Sean manned up and took command. We decided to do an early war battle. I don't quite have enough German infantry to do a full company for EW, so we decided that we'd do Panzers vs reluctant french. This is Rommel's Ghost Division pushing deep into the enemy lines, and the french are reeling from the Blitzkrieg!

To represent the hurried nature of the German forces, we went with "Hasty Assault".

  • HQ + Mortars (60mm + 2x 81mm) + 2x 25mm AT Guns
  • French Reserve Infantry Platoon
  • French Reserve Infantry Platoon
  • French Reserve Infantry Platoon
  • British Guards Rifle Platoon
  • French Reserve Horse Drawn 75mm Battery
  • French Reserve 155mm Heavy Artillery Battery
  • French Reserve Divisional AT Platoon (2x 47mm Guns)
  • Deep Recon Platoon
  • Sporadic Air Interception
  • 2x HMG Bunkers

  • HQ (Panzerbef. + 2 Early Panzer II C)
  • 5x Panzer II C (early)
  • 5x Panzer II C (early)
  • 5x Panzer II C (early)
  • 2x Panzer IV D
  • 2x 8-Rad
  • Leicthe Pioneers (Full)
  • Stuka Schwerepunkt

As you can see, we aren't really a set point value. 1500ish.


In Hasty Assault, the Defenders (French, duh) get half off the board in delayed reserves and one immediate ambush. The French deployed 75s (in the top left), 155s (top center), Guards Rifles (guarding the artillery), and a platoon of French rifles with attached 25mm guns in ambush. The objectives are in the top center plowed field, and the top right- stuck recovery vehicle. The Germans have an objective in their board edge in the bottom center field.

Sean also had half of his stuff in reserve. He started with Panzer IVs, Panzer IIs, and Pioneers in the bottom right (mostly out of frame- sorry about that!)


The company commander gives the order to attack!

Pioneers lead the way.

Panzer IVs secure the town. It's too quiet.

Forward observers report the sounds of engines in the distance! Prepare the guns!

75s, Guards, and an HMG pillbox make final preparations.

The immediate ambush is sprung. Dug in French grumble about being deployed in a swamp. Their morale is already broken.

As shadows cover the sun in foreboding, A Panzer IV makes itself visible in the distance.

Combined french artillery slams into the German positions killing 1 pioneer stand and bailing a Panzer IV.

Pioneers continue their advance as Panzer IIs push forward on their left.

Panzers roll into view!



Pioneers: 1 Rifle stand


Frenech artillery again slams into the attackers!

25mm AT guns open fire, for a total loss of 2 Panzer IIs with 2 more bailed!

The guards move out.

The Germans have firmly committed to the French left.

So far the Germans have failed to get reserves OR air support. The french air is making their last stand in the skies above!

But finally the German luck changes. Two Stukas swoop in to strike the French artillery!

Panzers take up higher ground on a bridge, paving the way for the pioneers to attack!

Stukas hit their targets pinning them, but fail to knock out any guns.

The Pioneers charge!

The french fall back after some losses, and the Germans consolidate.



Pioneers: 1 Rifle stand
Panzer IIs: 2 Panzers


47mm AT Guns arrive from reserve.

Panzers continue moving forward as the hand of God reaches down.

A 47mm gun is knocked out by enemy fire!

Pioneers assault under the cover of Panzers, and wipe out the French defenders save for one observer! Both the Company Command and the 2iC flee with them! The Germans now hold the objective as the observer does not count!

The Pioneers hold the objective!

Panzers sneak along the bank of the creek.


French Reserve Infantry Platoon: DESTROYED
Divisional AT Platoon: 1 47mm Gun

Pioneers: 5 Rifle stand
Panzer IIs: 2 Panzers


British Guards move into and beyond the church. With no reserves arriving, the German objective is within grasping distance!

A lone 47mm gun watches the swamp. The 47mm commander moves to contesting range of the objective, buying the french one more turn!

And promptly knocks out one panzer IV, and bails the other!

The french then fire a barrage on the 2iC and 2 Panzer IIs, but don't range in until their 3rd attempt needing 6s…

That does the trick! The 2iC is up in flames.

Stukas again swoop in on the 75s!

The Pioneers continue their advance, gunning down the commander of the 47mm gun platoon, and preparing to assault the lone observer!

Finally German reserves arrive! 6 Panzer IIs burst through the wheat, catching the British guards by surprise!

"Fall back! Get back to the chu-" bzzzzzzzttttt

One 75 goes up in flames, and the reluctant battery is pinned!

The Germans solidly hold the objective!


Reserve Infantry Platoon: DESTROYED
Divisional AT Platoon: 1 47mm Gun, Platoon command
75mm Artillery: 1 75mm Gun
British Guards Rifles: 1 Rifle/MG team

HQ: 2iC Destroyed
Pioneers: 5 Rifle stand
Panzer IIs: 2 Panzers
Panzer IVs: 1 Panzer


If the french fail their reserve roll, it's all over!

Finally, a french counter attack force has formed up and arrived! A rifle platoon and a Deep Recon platoon. Vive la France!

Artillery fires a repeat, knocking out another Panzer! The Panzer IIs hold without breaking.

The French pour fire into the Bosch

And succesfully wipe out the attackers.

The Luftwaffe is given orders to level the cathedral. Three planes arrive to do the job.

More German reserves arrive, racing forward with their recon leading the way!


French Reserve Infantry Platoon: DESTROYED
Divisional AT Platoon: 1 47mm Gun, Platoon command

HQ: 2iC
Panzer IIs: 3 Panzers
Panzer IVs: 1 Panzer

Suddenly the call comes in from GHQ. "CEASE ALL ATTACKS. REPEAT- CEASE ALL ATTACKS!". The Panzer Divisions have been ordered to stand down. With victory in sight, the battle is called due to time. We decide that the Germans would probably win, but as we did play a full 6 turns, we decide to call it a draw. 2-2.


Dan said...

Great looking game, thanks for the pics.

Scary Biscuits said...

I'd hate to have to be the guys who had to dig in in a swamp...

Anatoli said...

Fantastic terrain, did you guys get new terrain pieces? Haven't seen the "chateu" buildings before and some of the trees looked new as well?

cbaxter said...

i love you EW write ups, no one plays EW here and I get to play EW vicariously through reading the AARs on our blog. Great AAR as always

Hein said...

Great looking terrain. Nice army's. And a great AaR.

Johnnyutah said...

Nice stuff as always guys!

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