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Thursday, June 30, 2011

British Armoured Regiment vs Mittlere Panzers!

Tonight was an interesting night. Knowing the Armoured Regiment was a bear, Tom and I borrowed Luke's. We decided we would each have a go with our nationals list and see if we could make any headwar. Tom had the unpleasant distinction of facing it first. He brought mead to ease the pain.

Thanks to Luke for loaning us his regiment.

  • HQ: 1x A10 Cruiser Mk II, 2 Light Tanks
  • 1st Company: HQ (2x A9 Cruiser Mk I Cs), 2 Cruiser Platoons, 2 Light Tank Platoons
  • 2nd Company: 2 Cruiser Platoons, 2 Light Tank Platoons
  • 3 Divisional Cavalry Scout Carriers
  • Air Interception
NOTE: All Cruisers are A13 Mk II Cruiser Mk IVs
All Light tanks are MkVICs

  • HQ (1 Panzer IV, 1 Panzer II C Late)
  • 5x Panzer II C Late
  • 5x Panzer II C Late
  • 3x Panzer II C Late
  • 2x Panzer IV D
  • 2x Panzer IV D
  • Stuka Schwere

We rolled for the mission and got "Fighting Withdrawal". The British would be defending. Tom takes a swig of mead.


The objectives are: Bottom left on the hill. NBottom center-left between the wheat and the forest. Bottom center top right of the forest (defender's obj). I place the ENTIRE large company in ambush. That's 5 individual platoons. 14 tanks in ambush. The other company is deployed thus: 2x Cruiser Platoons in the bottom left. A light tank platoon in the central wheat field, and another cruiser + 2iC in the center-right. Tom deploys his 2 big Panzer II units in the upper left. All of his Panzer IVs in the upper center, and his small Panzer IIs + 2iC in the upper center-right.


Cruises lie in wait, ready to counter attack.

Light Tanks sit far forward, concealed and gone to ground in the wheat.

The Germans are lined up ready to roll.

Stukas swoop in to kick of the attack!

And bail the company commander!

Cruisers race forward to counter the approaching Panzers!

Tally Ho!

One Panzer II goes up in smoke.



Left Panzer IIs: 1 Tank


GERMANS: A broad advance along the front. The 2 platoons of 5 Panzer IIs each advance up the British left flank near the houses. Panzer IVs move forward up the center on to the ridge. 4 Panzer IIs advance up the British right, staying close to the IVs. Stukas bail the British company commander

BRITISH: The Light tanks in the center and right flank all pull back. The 6 cruisers on the left move forward and engage the Panzer IIs.


Panzer IIs move forward to engage the Light tanks.

The Cruisers move into a furball against 9 Panzer IIs! 2 of which bog on a wood.

The center Panzer II platoon is gutted and quits the field.



Center Panzer IIs: DESTROYED
Left Panzer IIs: 1 Tank


GERMANS: The Panzer IIs on the left flank move forward to engage the cruisers, but do no lasting damage. They attempt to stormtrooper into the wood, and bog 2 of them. The Panzer IVs in the center move into the wood line. The Panzer IIs on the right move forward into the wheat.

BRITISH: The cruisers on the left return fire and gut one entire panzer II platoon. The light tanks on the right slightly reposition.


4/5 Panzer IVs bog on the wood at the crest of the hill.

4 Stationary panzer IIs return fire, and run off one cruiser platoon!

Then the ambush is sprung. The scout patrol is withdrawn.

And the right flank.

The CSes are deployed in the middle but I completely forget about them.

2 more Panzer IIs are annhilated, but the remainder fights on!

The entirety of the right flank Panzer IIs and 2iC are eviscerated.


Cruiser Platoon: DESTROYED
Cruiser Platoon: 1 Tank Destroyed

HQ: 2iC Destroyed
Center Panzer IIs: DESTROYED
Right Panzer IIs: DESTROYED
Left Panzer IIs: 3 Tanks


GERMANS: The Panzer IIs on the British left open up at full ROF and knock out one British cruiser platoon. The Panzer IVs attempt to move out of the woodline, but 4/5 bog down!

BRITISH: The ambush is sprung. More Panzer IIs go down on the left flank. On the British right, freshly arrived cruisers and Light tanks gut the Panzer II Platoon and 2iC.


Stukas swoop in! Tom passes his bog check to get out of their wave off distance.

The Stukas knock out 3 tanks! one platoon is reduced to one tank, but survives. The company commander is able to jump in a different tank.

The remaining Cruisers rush in, broadsides firing wildly. The two remaining Panzer IIs are knocked out.

A ridiculous mass of British armour begins flanking the Panzer IVs.

One of the Panzer IV platoons is annhilated.


Cruiser Platoon: DESTROYED
Cruiser Platoon: 2 Tanks Destroyed
Cruiser Platoon: 1 Tank Destroyed

HQ: 2iC Destroyed
Center Panzer IIs: DESTROYED
Right Panzer IIs: DESTROYED
Left Panzer IIs: DESTROYED


GERMANS: The remaining Panzer IIs on the left pull back to make room for a 3-plane air strike. The air strike severely damages a cruiser platoon but the one survivor fights on.

BRITISH: The Panzer IIs on the left are finished off by cruisers racing forward. 2 Panzer IVs go down on the right flank to a horde of light tanks and cruisers.

At this point, Tom has just his Company Commander and 2 Panzer IVs left. He is forced to make a motivation check, but decides he doesn't even care what the die result is. The regiment has clearly won the day.

The regiment lost one platoon, but with the "Charge!" rule, it is ignored for victory points. 6-1.


Basecoat101 said...

That was a nasty ambush. I wonder how many Nationals players will quickly calculate if they have time to buy and paint British Armoured Rifles before the tourny?

Tyler said...

Awesome! I love ultra-aggressive armies (mid-war Stuarts all the way!)

Does anyone know if the Light Cruiser Mk C served in the desert or just the Mk B? The Cs just seem so superior.

On the same note, will there be any other British tanks with Tally-ho? At this point, I refuse to field any force that doesn't have that rule or stabilizers.

Tyler said...

And, on a similar note, does anyone know if/when the Plastic Soldier Company will be releasing Stuarts, M3 half-tracks, and Lees so I can finally afford my dream army?

Neal Smith said...

Bs in the desert.

Don't know about PSC... :)

indierockclimber said...

Yeah Neal is right. My research has yet to turn up a single Mk VI C in the desert. There may have been a handful, but the overwhelming majority were Bs. The cruisers were the A13 Cruiser Mk IIs by and large. With a few of the CSes, and maybe some A9s or A10s left over in HQ units.

Johnnyutah said...

Yep this confirms it. Lube is now being packed for my trip to historicon.....something to ease the pain.

pudson said...

@Johnnyutah - Lube huh? Sounds like someone's taking advantage of the themed suites!

Tyler said...

Too bad about the Bs in the desert as Afrika is by far my favorite theater. I'm not really sure what the point of fielding them is (infantry assault?) except for theme/historical accuracy :(

indierockclimber said...

Hang on now- don't discount the Bs!

They have a .5" MG, that gets ROF 3 on the move, and 5+ firepower! Don't discount that on such a cheap chassis. Plus, they're halftracked- in the desert that is gonna be huge since desert should really be treated as road.

On top of that they're CHEAAAAAP

Tyler said...

True, they should be great against infantry/guns. The only issue is their AT (I believe it's 3?). They'll suffer to even dent tanks which currently seem to dominate the EW meta.

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