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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

After Hours Episode 5

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After Hours 05- After recording episode 21, Steve, Joe, and Jon chat about stuff that interests them.  The majority of the chat centers around movies, Historicon, and Cassino.  Not a lot of "funny" content this episode, but plenty of insightful musings!


cbaxter said...

still a fun show to listen too, thanks guys

grumpus said...

Has anyone played 'Battlestations Pacific' ?
It has a very fun option for doing an island -capture vs the computer and like FoW, you set the points limit and each map limits the lists you are offered. some of the fiercest battles result from fielding 500 points.
every lumbering Avenger becomes golden.
You capture an airfeild, say, now you have more options open to you as well as just plain being closer to flattening the opposition.
as units die, bombers,ships,landing-craft, you get the points back to spend again, until those units die or you send them back to port/airstrip.
If nobody has heard of this, give it a whirl. its fast paced and forces you to make hard choices. i know its on xbox360, and maybe PC but perhaps playstation has it as well.

Andy said...

Got it. Catch you guys at Historicon!

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