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Sunday, May 1, 2011

WWPD News From the Front Episode 18

"World of Tanks"

Steven, Luke, and Jon talk about the US Light Tank Company in Turning Tide for Flames of War, World of Tanks, The Longest Winter, and plenty of other awesomeness!


  • 0:00 - ACT I: Intro & News, After Action, Know Your Frenemy: US Light Tanks
  • 0:41 - ACT II: Mail Call, World of Tanks overview
  • 1:09 - ACT III: Eslo Terrain review, Battlefront Dialogue, Corsec Engineering Template Review, The Longest Winter review

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Links discussed in this episode:
BLOG SPOTLIGHT: World of Tank Skins:
Eslo Terrain-
Warpath Games-
WWPD World of Tanks Clan-
Corsec Engineering-

I guess we'll have to start a program for WWPD kids: WWPD Scouts?


AKCraig said...

congrats on the like McG. also great show as always.

indierockclimber said...

Thank you sir!

Kage said...

congrats on the future FoW player.

I've been playing for a few months already. great game. Hope to see you guys out there.

I actually found it by accident doing some research, back in February.

I've joined your clan. I don't know if they are going to have voice or not. But the clan could use roger wilco or something. voice would just help a tone.

I was online with another tester the other day, and he said they were playing on a new "super server" and said they had a 100 tank battle with no problems. So looks like some huge battles are coming.

great episode as usual.

Joyous_Oblivion said...

The additional content has been downloaded (or uploaded by you) and is now installing. Unfortunately, with a processor from the 80s (I assume) installation is expected to take about 9 months.

Congrats to both of you Steve!

Pete said...

I have a private Mumble server that we will be using. I just need to stop being lazy and get Steve the information for it.

Lachlan Cannard said...

Great episode guys, I jumped in the WoT clan.

Anatoli said...

Great episode guys, I always listen to you while painting which can get a little frustrating as you might mention something that I want to comment on and then just have my hands tied up not being able to write it down and so on.

Had listen twice to the last segment about the other miniature games.

I'm pretty much the same as Steven about the terrain stuff. I've really tried to pick games that can use/recycle the terrain I already have - FoW being my little adventure into the unknown and starting completely from scratch.

If you like casual games and cowboy stuff you need to check out Legends of the Old West. I've been meaning to to a "rule guide" about it for a long time but stuff always seem to come in between. So far it has also been very obscure on my blog with a single "Wild West" tagged entry even though we have played it here for a year or so. But yeah it is casual and easy to get into, very fast games too that last 30-60 minutes tops, and you have character sheets where you can advance your posse etc.

Boardgames are great for the reason you mentioned, everything is there and you just open the box and play. If you have a group of 4-6 people I really recommend Battlestar Galactica. I think it would suit you guys perfectly, you can trashtalk each other and point fingers during the game trying to uncover the hidden Cylon saboteurs and its really tense as resources dwindle and you get attacked by Cylon fleets etc.

Talisman is a very simple but fun game. I think it lacks some depth and is a bit too random in the movement section (made my group come up with custom movement houserules), and the random movement can make you wander about aimlessly a bit too long in some games. But again very easy to get into and quite fun with a great theme to it. On a similar level, you can get DungeonQuest - that game is hilarious as your survival rate is about 25% LOL!

Its a 1-4 player game where you have to make a dungeon raid into the middle of the board to steal some dragons treasure and really haul ass before the dungeon doors shut close for the night. Lots of traps, monsters and unfortunate turns of events accompany your exploration which happen randomly with board tiles being picked from a bag to see how the tunnel you walk in unfolds.

You can read more and see lots of pictures on both Battlestar Galactica the board game and DungeonQuest in my boardgame review category on the blog.

indierockclimber said...

Thanks for the comments Anatoli! I saw your posts on BSG- I definitely plan to pick it up soon. Do you think it's "friendly" enough for my wife to get into? She loves BSG, but isn't a super hardcore gamer.

Agreed on LotOW though:

it's my ruleset of choice for cowboys!

Anatoli said...

Might add, whenever we play BSG the boardgame we have one member of our group that have turned out to be a Cylon more times than not - so we always joke around with comments like "Just like a Cylon", "That's what a Cylon would do", etc to really annoy him - lots of fun in a harmless way.
Lot’s of laughs mixed with great tension in that game.

Anatoli said...

Yes BSG is easy enough for a wide audience, at the core of it its "resource managment" with cards that are used to bid your way out of problematic situations. So all players add to the pool with hidden cards that are then summed up to see if you pass or fail the task (here's where most sabotage occur). Might take 15-20 minutes to explain the rules but it really flows well from there and is a very tight game rulewise and has a great balance imo. I actually didn't pick up on any of those expansions because I like the balance of the core game as it is.

Dirty Jon said...

DungeonQuest is awesome -- I have a copy of that.

Wodensraven said...

Nice podcast again Lads ^^, Congratz on the ankle biter to be Steve!

kayjay said...

You got me hooked on WOT :) Anyway I'm in your clan and cranking on the Soviet TD tree except when i run the Matilda.


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