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Monday, May 9, 2011

Unofficial Firestorm Market Garden Errata

Andrew Malcolm was frustrated with the lack of errata for Firestorm Market Garden, and so his game group came together and wrote an unofficial one. You can download that file from us by following this link: unofficial errata.

Thanks Andrew!

For those of you concerned that World of Tanks has completely consumed the WWPD crew- your concerns aren't without merit! But I forced myself to sit down yesterday and get some painting done. This weekend Sean and I will be heading up to PA to fight in the Showcase Showdown. I'm excited to try my proposed French nationals list out, although... they are French, so I'm glad I get this practice run with them!


Neal Smith said...

There was much rejoicing... Yeah... :)

Duncan said...

Thanks for posting this. My club enjoys the firestorm campaigns but we a all wish the rules were a bit clearer.

Kage said...

I am exactly the same with WoT...I've hardly been doing any painting.

I need to force myself to get on my strelkovy.

pudson said...

Oh, thanks for reminding me! 10000 away from the next SPG - what am I doing reading this update?

Pete said...

Got me my 8 Jagdpanthers finished the other night! Got em all weathered up and decaled, take *that* world of addiction!

Side note, this errata comes at a perfect time as we are looking at getting some Firestorm games in at our club! Thanks!

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