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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Some pictures from the Showcase Showdown

All of these pictures are taken by Chris Hecht. Meet up with him in World of Tanks- his username is Darqueling. Also be sure to subscribe to his youtube channel
Steven's French Escadron De Reconaissance

Sean's Mittlere Panzerkompanie
Joe's Polish Cavalry

Steven's French in action in game 5.
The Three Amigos.
The tournament winners: John Desch and Bill Dorais

Best Axis: Chris Hecht.  Best Axis/Ally is determined by Victory Points PLUS painting and Sportsmanship
Best Ally, most sexy pose award: me.

Best Army (Player's Choice award for painting)

Best Sport: Gary and Chris who deserved it very much!  (Chris got my vote!)


jmezz382 said...

Nice photos ! Looks a great time !

AKCraig said...

great looking tournament

Neal Smith said...

Sexy pose? My eyes will be stinking of you forever! :)

Anatoli said...

Any chance of some closeup pictures of that Polish cavalry army?

pudson said...

@Anatoli I looked at the flikr page and there weren't any. Too bad.

Joe said...

That's my polish army, and yes, there are some close up shots of the army in action (and of my train on fire).

I'll check with Darqueling and see if he objects to posting the link (assuming we're not discussing the same flikr link)

Joe said...

Posted with Darquelings permission (he does the World of Tanks youtube videos here).

Some great photo's of the event, and lots of great lookin' armies.

indierockclimber said...

Thanks Joe- sorry I didn't post the link sooner! I thought I had, actually. I posted it on the forum, but not the post. Again, your army looked spectacular!

Joe said...

Thanks mate! It took a lot of hard work, and I had some awesome bro's to help me at the last minute too.

I'm thinkin' it'll be the army I take to early war nationals. :)

Anatoli said...

Excellent thanks for the link!

I'm going to play another early war game this coming and one of the players if bringing the Polish train - I'm super excited :D

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