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Friday, May 6, 2011

HG Panzers crush US 3rd ID in Fighting Withdrawal

Jon and I played my first game on his WIP Arnhem board last night. The mission was fighting withdrawal with me on defense. He took his Herman G. Panzer Division and I took my 3rd ID boys. The pictures are fairly self explanatory:
Jon loaded up his left flank, raced across the hill, and fairly easily punched through my lines. At the top of turn 4 I conceded- I had little hope of keeping the objective out of his hands, and he had clearly delivered a sound beating!

  • HQ (2x Panzer IV H)
  • 4x Panzer III M
  • 4x Panzer III M
  • 4x STUG IV
  • 1x Tiger IE
  • 2x SPAA (unarmored)
  • Under Strength Panzergrenadier Platoon w/ knacker
  • Sporadic Air FW190

  • HQ + Extra Bazooka
  • Assault Platoon
  • Rifle Platoon
  • Rifle Platoon
  • Mortar Platoon (4 tubes)
  • 57mm AT Platoon
  • 105 Battery
  • 4x Shermans
  • 4x Stuarts

>>>>>> Click Here to See the Battle!

Overhead from my point of view.

My left flank.

My center.

My right flank.

Jon's soft skinned vehicles.

The gun line. Ouch.

Here they come over the hill!


Shermans can't go toe to toe with that much armor so attempt to swing behind.

Shermans open up on the soft skinned vehicles, killing 1 AA gun.

105s bail 4 Panzer III Ms.

FW 190s swoop in and knock out a Stuart as the US left flank frantically redeploys.

The wall of German steel rolls inevitably closer.


A Stug assault is held off.

The Germans suffer minor losses, but still have a mass of armor

The situation is grim for the Americans

Bottom of turn 3 I feebly send one bazooka out to keep the objective from falling, but the game is clearly not going my way and discretion is the better part of valor, so the yanks throw in the towel!

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