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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Feldherr Pictures

We reviewed the Feldherr cases in Episode 20.  Here are the pictures Jon took of all the stuff!



Anatoli said...

I like them, they are cheaper than the other army cases here in Sweden from what I could find. And it is possible to buy the inserts separately and switch them out depending on what kind of game you are using the case for.

I have the mini btw.

The only drawback is as you mentioned that they are rather flimsy så you have to carry the inserts with two hands or pick up your stuff from the floor. The case itself is also soft and cannot withstand the same sort of manhandling as hard plastic army cases.

Li Wei said...

Hi what is the brand of the french building from the 1st picture? It seems come with seperate floors and removable roof. Eager to know the mamufacturer! Please~ Thank you!

ww2fan said...

Its probably miniature building authority

Tyler said...

Looks like Musket Miniatures. MBA have green bases.

Dirty Jon said...

The buildings are JR Miniatures from Chesapeake Miniatures.

Also, the diagonal divided slots are for tank turrets, so these work better than I thought!

The mini-plus case with 4 trays is $39.99 on the web site but the shipping on orders under $150 is 29.99. Ugh. I might have to just pick one of these up while I'm in Scotland next month. :(

catscan said...

So, which do you like better? These or Battlefoam. I'm a pretty big fan of Battlefoam... but those turret slots intrigue me.

Dirty Jon said...

I don't use Battlefoam - I basically lug my stuff around in a sack or crappy boxes.

SonBae said...

CrInges every time I hear about the "bag-o-figs"

Shudder. ;-)

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