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Monday, May 2, 2011

Eslo Terrain Review

You can hear Jon and I review these items in episode 18, ACT III so I won't write a lot here.

These items were sent to us for review by Eslo Terrain, who are based in Germany. They do have a US distributor, however, at Warpath Games.

The first item sent to us was their emplacement.


Very nicely done, well painted and modeled, and very sturdy. Not a lot to dislike about it!

The second item is their stone bridge.

The bridge is nice quality, although it isn't quite wide enough to reach across the Battlefront rivers. However, it is usable in almost any era, and looks great!

The next item is their HMG pillbox.

It's just the right size to fit a FoW medium base, and looks great! The roof is very loose with no bevels to catch it. Easily fixable, but a minor annoyance.

And finally, the stand out piece in this set- the cafe building:

This piece also includes a piece of paper with several signs printed on it to customize the building further.

All in all, a great company, and I'll plan on picking up more of their stuff in the future!

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