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Sunday, April 17, 2011

WWPD News From the Front Episode 17

"The Wrath of Sean"

Steven, Luke, and Sean talk about their recent Flames of War tournament experience, Panzer IVs, tournament preparations, and general silliness! Brian and Steven talk airbrushing and quick painting.


  • 0:00 - Intro- Contest Results, etc
  • 0:18 - After Action
  • 0:58 - Polish Train Modeling (P)review
  • 1:10 - Brians... "adventure"
  • 1:18 - Airbrushing Discussion
  • 1:27 - More Painting Discussion
  • 1:43 - Tournament Advice
  • 2:04 - Unit Spotlight: The Panzer IV H
  • 2:19 - Mail Call
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Links discussed in this episode:
BLOG SPOTLIGHT: Kage's Decal Tutorial
CWF Episode 50:
WWPD Tourney AAR:
Japan Relief:
Tabletop Tacticians:
Black Sun Games:

Long day! We had a blast though, and it was great to have Sean back in the studio.


Neal Smith said...

Downloaded late last night... Hope to listen while basing my US Paras! :)

AKCraig said...

great show guys.

Kage said...

great episode again guys. Thanx for the honorable mention.

Love the tournament advice. I'm very new to the tournament scene.

indierockclimber said...

Thanks guys!

Kage- thank you! Great decal tutorial :)

Anatoli said...

Great episode guys, really enjoyed the part with Brian and his thoughts on resin and painting stuff with an airbrush (and of course the search in the poopyard).

Though I must say, when I buy something that expensive I really hope the quality control catches resin pieces that are badly warped. Not everyone knows how to fix it.

Looking forward to hear more from Brian on that Polish train in next episode :-)

I also agree about having to play with painted models, unpainted models just kill everything. Luckily I pretty much never run into anyone with unpainted models anymore since I quit WHFB/WH40k.

Secret Squirrel said...

The great train adventure has been fun so far. I have tried to stay away from using the BF camo design and use the black and white images you can find online of the real thing.

CA$H said...

Once again, stellar episode. Keep up the great work, I find myself looking forward to each episode!

CWF Game Cast said...

Steven thank you for the mention. I know Tom loved having you on, even though you couldn't say "adult snacks."

Luke said...

I didn't know the title of this episode was going to be "The wrath of Sean" so I guess all I can say is


Dark said...

Great podcast yet again. Excellent results at the tournament boys. I put this episode on and then started painting my Panzer III J's. My paintbrush skewed on the turret when I heard my entry come up. Glad to hear you guys get a kick out of it. I was thinking about those 'Third Reichs" Steve had when I wrote it.
From the sounds of the roll it was a cocked die. Re-roll pls ;)
Also Australians are "British-like"? Sean *facepalm*, btw glad to hear you back.

Whiskey51 said...

Woah, I won a T-shirt. Sweet. I'll rock it to Historicon.

indierockclimber said...

Congrats! Dark, and Whiskey- shoot me an e-mail at

Whiskey- pick out a T-shirt and tell me the design/color/size and your address!

Johnnyutah said...

Great episode guys! I think I speak for all the fans when I demand a video of the the panzer IV dance. I need a new move to impress the ladies.....

kbdrand said...

I tried to find you guys on Facebook, but cannot. Could you post information on your facebook fan page?

indierockclimber said...

Sure thing!

I'll make a new post about it in a day or two. There is a link on the right, but it probably gets lost in the mess :)

Neal Smith said...

About halfway through now... Luke - Just trying to keep it real man... I need to start driving 4 hours a day to work if experimenting with $387.50 is "how you roll"... Dude... I want to party with you! LOL

Luke said...

Neal, that's how I do son.

Wodensraven said...

nice podcast again lads ^^, just an idea when you are talking about companies its usually SS or T&T (CV,Crocs etc) for example, which is great because they are so popular, how about doing some on say a German Grenadier company or a Brit rifle company from Fortress Europe ( which i use 6 x Churchills instead of 3 x Crocs i love it!, though i have Crocs too^^), i fear a lot of lists all over the net are underplayed and not because they are cr@p. Just an idea, keep up the good work and tally ho!!

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