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Monday, April 18, 2011

US Rifles vs German Panzers in Normandy

On Sunday, before recording his segment for Episode 17, Brian was itching to run his freshly painted panzerkompanie. We took the opportunity to give Early War a rest, and revisit Normandy. I decided to run US Rifles since it'd been a while. Furthermore, we've been enjoying my home brew mission The Outpost, and wanted to give it another run.

  • HQ
  • Rifle Platoon
  • Rifle Platoon
  • Rifle Platoon
  • A&P Platoon + 1 Bazooka
  • Weapons Platoon (1 LMG section, attached to Rifle Platoon 3)
  • 105mm Battery (+ AOP)
  • 4x Shermans (Corps Support, Confident Trained) + Dozer
  • M10 Tank Destroyers (Corps Support, Confident Trained)

  • HQ (2x Stug G)
  • 4x Stug G
  • 4x Stug G
  • 3x Panzer IV H
  • 3x Puma
  • Scout Patrol
  • Armored Panzerwerfers + Crew



Read about the mission here to help understand the setup. I have one rifle platoon in the central woods guarding an objective. The 2nd objective is in the top right at the T-intersection. My "corner" is the bottom right. Brian's is top left Brian begins the game with his Pumas on board. My 105s are deployed "Across the Volga"

1st Platoon is tasked with guarding the command post. Garbled radio transmissions come in about a German counter attack!

Pumas lead the advance, navigating a marsh.

With their recon move, the Pumas move into a wheat field.

On turn one, with 5 platoons in reserve, Brian automatically gets to bring one platoon on. His reserve die roll comes up short, however, leaving him with just the one Stug platoon arriving under the watchful eye of an AOP. rules note- the AOP should not be deployed yet, but is placed for convenience

German armor pushes up the flank.

In addition to the one reserve die roll (which is succesful), I have 6 platoons in reserve and so automatically receive one, netting me two reserve platoons! I bring on my M10s and Rifle Platoon 2.

The 105s call in a smoke barrage to cover the M10s' advance.





Brian is now at 4 platoons in reserve, and thus receives no "freebies". He does, however, still get his two dice and so his scout platoons arrive, reinforcing his Stugs.

A stug moves into position and takes a shot at the M10s- bailing one. The M10s tough it out.

Brian then stormtroopers forward, bringing 3 stugs into range of the M10s.

While the Pumas move to a hull down position after hooking right.

On the US turn, another reserve die comes up positive! Shermans arrive on the American left, ready to block the pumas.

1st Platoon doesn't take kindly to sitting back like some kind of rent-a-cop service. They move out of the woods, surprising the Stugs! (note the stug that bogged during storm trooper)

As the dogfaces move into position, an incredibly well placed Time on Target barrage rains in on the Germans, knocking out 1 stug, and 2 of the transports carrying the scouts- killing everyone aboard!

Meanwhile, the M10s open up form close range and take out 3 more stugs!

NOT PICTURED: The Dogfaces then pass "tank terror" and charge forward capturing the bailed Stug. In one fell swoop, Brian's Company Command, 2iC, and 3 additional stugs are knocked out. The one remaining stug passes motivation and keeps fighting, as do the battered scouts.


HQ: Company Commander, 2iC
Stug Platoon A: 3 Stugs
Scout Patrol: 2 transports, 2 stands



Note the Pumas hull down on the right hill.

Fresh Stugs arrive from reserve, moving to back up the Pumas.

The two remaining scouts leap form their scwhimmwagons! Beside them, the one remaining stug shows up to assist.

After failing to pin the Riflemen, both German platoons attempt an assault- the Stug immediately bogs failing to initiate the assault at all. The scouts assault- but are ground to death after inflicting no casualties on the GIs.

More US Reserves arrive, as 3rd Rifle Platoon (with attached LMGs) truscott Trot towards the central forest. The Shermans, meanwhile, race forward towards the Pumas!

M10s and Rifles move forward, covering the 2nd US Objective.

Seek, Strike, Destroy.

Despite being hull down, the Pumas gave their position awa in the previous turn by taking potshots on the Shermans. The Shermans roll forward, blazing away with gyro-stabilized shots looking for 6s- 7 total shots (the rear most Sherman is outside of 16") with 3 hits scored, and 3 passed firepower checks!

"Did ya see that, Johnny?"

Meanwhile, Rifle platoon 1 prepare to assault- but "Bazooka Joe" stays put and aims carefully, looses a rocket, and knocks out the last Stug!

With that stunning run of ridiculous luck on my behalf, Brian's company is below half with no company commander. 6-1.

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