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Friday, April 22, 2011

Try out "The Outpost" and let me know what you think!

I've been tweaking my home brew mission "The Outpost" for a while now and I think I've gotten it where I like it. Are there situations that can still break it? Probably, but that can be an issue in just about all missions.

Check it out here. Pay special attention to the reserves rules- they can come in a little faster than you might think if you have a lot of platoons back there! Also note that the objectives don't "go hot" until turn 7, giving the battle time to build up.

I've written up AARs for the mission twice now, both times I was the defender. Check them out here:
Early French defending vs German Panzers
Late US 1st ID vs German Panzers

Objective placement is critical. Both players want them closer to their own reserve areas so they can be grabbed more easily.

Think about what platoon should represent the outpost- here I went with french 75s in the face of panzers.

Give the scenario a shot and let me know what you think!


Tyler said...

After playtesting the scenario 3 or 4 times, I must say that Outpost is a lot of fun! However, as I mentioned in the last post, it has balance issues when Soviets are involved. Even though Soviets have fewer platoons, their platoons are generally very strong. This is especially true when playing Tankovy. A ten strong unit of T34s with tankos arriving in the first few turns will absolutely demolish any defending Axis platoons. Once it's captured the objective, then it's up to the Axis player to push that massive unit of tanks/infantry off before turn 7...

I think the Outpost is a mission you have to know you are going to play before picking your army. Always-defend armies that rely purely on infantry and guns don't stand a chance against tank hordes, so it wouldn't be fair in a tournament.

Otherwise, the scenario is a blast. It gives well balanced Western Front armies a fair and enjoyable game!

indierockclimber said...

Tyler- soviets are always the hitch in the giddyup aren't they? I think the defender will need to plan ahead on deployment to mitigate that fact. Consider a typical German grenadier company defending vs Soviet tankovy-
plan on the gren having 8 platoons with arty ATV and 1 platoon on the objective (could make it a big kamfgruppe with AT guns!).

On the top of 1 with the soviets only having 4 platoons, they will only get a single die for reserves. Odds are they won't get to even act until top of turn 2. By then the Grens could potentially have 3 platoons in play.

It is a great point, but I think it's also a point that can be made in a lot of scenarios with soviets. Play a fighting withdrawal mission attacking strelkovy company with a 10 strong T-34 company in ambush, and you'll know what I mean ;)

Thanks for trying it out! I'd love to see some battle reports!

Tyler said...

No problem Steven. And yes, Soviets are crazy!

Scary Biscuits said...

I agree with Tyler, though I should probably mention that I haven't played the mission yet. From an observer's point of view here are a few notes, take them as you will :)

1. Anytime that tanks have the ability to sit on an objective and force infantry to have to attack them is going to cause balance issues. A tank army will have 7 turns to get this plan into action. It doesnt matter if he arrives late because a tank platoon will get to the objective in half the time that an infantry platoon will take.

One suggestion here is to extend where the defender's platoons would arrive to the corners so that the defender can try and get his reserves on the diagonal sooner.

2. To avoid arguments and confusion, you'll want to be more specific when it comes identifying what platoons can be deployed, IE platoons entirely made up of Infantry or Gun TEAMS (for the defender), and Recce TEAMS (for the attacker).

3. Who wins? At the end of the game its whoever controls an objective, but it doesn't say who wins. Plus you might have the strange situation where both players could be holding an objective at the end of turn 7, so who wins then?

Anyway, just some thoughts. I'll give it a go during MikeCon this weekend! :)

AKCraig said...

I have enjoyed readying the AAR for out post. I like that you get to start rolling to come on from reserve right away and even get priority reserves. I am also a big fan of across the volga.

I play alot of midwar german infantry and my dad plays soviets. when ever we roll up couldron I get slaughtered because he is able to deploy three big tank units on table and he holds of his 90 point mortars, aa guns and mgs. I am usually over run by turn 3.

with the way i understnad outpost to work it would allow me to counter attack if over run, use my artillery across the volga and get reserves right away. plus the objective isn't hot till 7.

I think that you would actually fair better against soviets in outpost than cauldron for these reasons.

the next time we play germans and soviets we will play the mission so you can get a feel for how russians do at outpost.

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

We've played a few of them. It would be helpful for you to specifically mention when your CinC and 2iC arrive and/or can be placed. I know this is probably covered by some default FOW rule, but a noob like me needs all the help he can get.


indierockclimber said...

@AKCraig- you're exactly right, which is why I am always quick to say not to dismiss it as a tank friendly battle at first blush. To Mike's point- the attacker has 7 turns to develop their plan... but so does the defender! At 1000 or fewer points it probably would be very difficult for infantry to defend vs tanks, but with typical "tournament lists" I think the end result is fairly balanced. At least as balanced as Breakout ;)

@AJ- Have you downloaded the revised pdf? All independents must come in from reserve. The CO is back at company HQ, not freezing his butt off with the forward outpost :)

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