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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

FoW HMG Pillboxes by Pete!

>>>>Click here to see quite a few more pics!

Thanks Pete! These Battlefornt bunkers look great! On the subject of bunkers, have you seen the excellent tutorial by our friends across the pond, Model Dads? Check it out here.


AKCraig said...

gorgeous just gorgeous!

Anatoli said...

Look fantastic, I've been planning on making a couple HMG nests from scratch but don't know what rules to use with them?

Dirty Jon said...

Awesome, Pete!

indierockclimber said...

Anatoli- do you have the big flames of war rulebook? If you got the small rulebook, I suggest grabbing a copy of 'Das Book' it has all of the extra rules that aren't in the small book.

The rules for bunkers are in the fortifications missions along with barbed wire, mines, etc.

Basecoat101 said...

Pete they look great. The flocking is fantastic. How about a tutorial sometime?

Anatoli said...

I have the big one, there are some rules for fortifications but it seems they are strongly tied to missions that use fortification rules. No points per bunker like in Blitzkrieg.

Can I assume that the look of the bunker doesn't matter? Would be weird but it seems that way looking at the rules, concrete bunkers and hmg nests made out of timber seem to be the same.

I think I would have liked some kind of armor value on each type of bunker, at least the hmg nests that are made of earth and logs. Blowing one up with HE weapons should not be that hard as the rulebook states.

indierockclimber said...

Anatoli- very few army lists can actually buy bunkers in their proper lists. The only other way to get them is to play one of the fortification missions.

As for the bunkers looking the same, it depends- there is *technically* a difference between a bunker and a nest in some lists (specifically, the German Atlantic Sea Wall lists from Earth and Steel- where they can buy HMG Nests and/or HMG pillboxes). The french list in blitzkrieg only gets pillboxes so you could use either or.

Again, the rules are shifting a bit on nests- they can be destroyed now, though pillboxes can't. The fortification rules in the core rulebook are sort of the "basic" rules, while newer supplements are including the "advanced" rules for bunkers I suppose :)

Nests can now be destroyed by 2 successful fire power checks. Pillboxes operate the same as in the rulebook.

Anatoli said...

Thanks for the info Steven, appreciate it :-)

Makes sense.

Kage said...

I'm curious as to what colours you used on your wood and concrete?

Pete said...

Thanks for the comments, guys! :)

@Kage -

Concrete :

1. Undercoat Black
2. London Gray (836)
3. Neutral Gray (992)
4. 50/50 Mix of Neutral Gray and GW Fortress Gray
5. Fortress Gray highlight
6. Thinned down wash of London Gray

Wood :

1. Undercoat Black
2. GW Scorched Brown
3. GW Calthan Brown
4. English Uniform (921)
5. GW Devlan Mud
6. Highlight of English Uniform (921)

The Pigments I used were MIG Industrial City Dust, and Dark Mud.

I started applying the pigments at the base of the nests at the ground line, and then blended in from the top the Industrial City Dust, also hitting where there were shell markings on the top to represent falling concrete dust.

I fixed the pigments with an airbrush of Mineral Spirits (because I was out of my MIG Fixer, d'oh!).

I am going to be uploading some more tutorials and images here in the near future, and even already have some written up ready to go!

Again, thanks for all the comments guys! This is really the first place I've uploaded anything I've painted and am always super nervous about my own stuff. I am my own worst critic!


Pete said...

Oh, duh!

The flock is a mix of GW Scorched Grass and a *very* tiny amount of Woodland Scenics Harvest Wheat.

I used Late Summer Buffalo Grass tufts, and Late Summer Short Weed Tufts, both from Silflor.

Basing is the first tutorial I will be uploading, just to let the cat out of the bag!

Kage said...

thanx pete,
awesome, they look fantastic. I will try to do mine like that .

jmezz382 said...

Looking good Pete !

Matt Varnish said...

Where did you get the flower things from? I see in almost every pic of the 21 Panzer's that they covered their vehicles in the stuff, and Ive been troubled to figure out what to use, but w/e you used will fit the bill perfectly.

Pete said...

From here :

It is the Silflor Late Summer Weed tufts, from the Silflorettes section.

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