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Thursday, April 7, 2011

After Hours Episode 1

Add to CartThe first "After Hours" Episode is now available for a mere $1.00! Immediately after recording Episode 16, the guys sat down and knocked this one out. You can think of it as an episode debrief- a chance for the guys to revisit the episode, cut loose a bit, and have a bit more fun. The structure is fairly free form, and is driven by genuine conversation (no bullet points, or set topics here!).

Is it worth your $1.00? We hope so! On its own, maybe not, but if you're jonesing for your WWPD fix, you can rest assured knowing that not only have you gotten a 4th segment of the show- you've helped us out and earned our eternal gratitude.

Check the episode out, and let us know what does and doesn't work! This is very much a new concept for us, so sit tight and ride along! Thanks everyone for all the support you've shown us.

Click on "Add to Cart" or click here!

please note: Once you purchase this, you will be prompted to download the file. In this way you do not (yet) subscribe to this like you might a podcast- you'll need to download the mp3 and then import it into whatever audio program you use. For iTunes, you can simply drag and drop the file, or put it in your podcasts folder.

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