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Sunday, March 20, 2011

WWPD News From the Front Episode 15

"Laid Back"

Steven, Luke, and Dirty Jon are back, after a little R&R post Cold Wars. The team is more subdued than usual, probably because the drink of choice is water. This time around they discuss Cold Wars, Mobility in Flames of War, Panzer Leader by Guderian, and much more!


  • 0:00 - Intro & Cold Wars Wrap Up
  • 0:48 - A Primer on Mobility
  • 1:12 - GF9 Swamps Review
  • 1:21 - WWPD News
  • 1:35 - Panzer Leader Review
  • 1:50 - Shootin' the Breeze
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Links discussed in this episode:
Cold Wars:
GF9 Swamps:
Swamps Review:

This was a nice and subdued episode- which we all needed after Cold Wars! Sorry if I sound stuffy as hell- can't kick this Spring Cold!


The Northern Gamer said...

Great to see another episode!

Johnnyutah said...

Another great episode guys. Luke's boarding party comment made my day

Luke said...

Thanks Matt. Was good meeting you at Cold Wars.

Anatoli said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anatoli said...

Another great episode guys, listened during my painting session - made time fly.

Really interesting stuff the Guderian book, might buy it to read about his point of view on the Polish campaign. Allegedly during the battle of Wizna he threatened to execute Polish POW's to make the Wizna defenders surrender, but he never fullfilled that threat. Wonder if the recount of the battle is included in the book.

MG-42 Painting said...

Great work and a really good variety of stuff this time.
'Panzer Leader' should be a MUST READ on any history student's bookshelf. And while it can be dry and sometimes difficult to read, the exchanges between Guderian and Hitler is enough to justify the purchase of this book.

0dbdb9ca-4de5-11e0-a271-000bcdca4d7a said...

Btw, Dirty Jon puts the "Frost" in Frosty Beverage.

- Travis

Dirty Jon said...

@MG-42: I agree 100%. The book provides a ton of wonderful anecdotes and personal stories.

0dbdb9ca-4de5-11e0-a271-000bcdca4d7a said...

For anyone looking for a similar book Hans Von Luck's Panzer Commander book IS NOT IT. The book is pretty much a joy ride of Luck driving around the Eastern Front and North Africa with little to know insight into anything combat related. It's a good read if your looking for a guy who gets along well with his troops and loves talking about all the spoils of war he acquires in every theatre of the war. Sometimes shows compassion for the hardship of the troops under his command but then boasts about great meals he gets while his troops go hungry and without.

The redeeming factor is he talks about the hardships of surviving in the Gulag. Although some reviewers on Amazon state he probably deserved it for all the favors and gifts he recieved from the areas he visited and help conqueror.

0dbdb9ca-4de5-11e0-a271-000bcdca4d7a said...


Puts the Bust in Tank Busters.
Puts the Lay in Awkward Layout.
Puts the Mount in Mountaineers.
Puts the Load in Overloaded.
Puts the Frost in Frosty Beverages.
Puts the Special in Special Rules.
Puts the Hasty Ass in Hasty Assault(play on the current episode)
Puts the Bull in British Bulldog

And my favorite:

Puts the Man-Packed in Man-Packed guns.

Ok, im done. :-P

Dirty Jon said...

@shitpilesofnumbersanletters: Yeah, that book sucks. I read it a long time ago and do not recommend it.

Luke said...


0dbdb9ca-4de5-11e0-a271-000bcdca4d7a said...

Yeah, for some reason it won't take my AOL profile and just spews a heaping pile of shat.

- Travis

DL said...

...and your host. The man who...
puts the "half". in half-track
the "cut" in cut-down-truck
and the "half-cut" in ColdWars!
Stevie Mac

grumpus said...

...who puts the 'HURTS' in schurzen!

Wodensraven said...

here is a bit of a risque one 'the man who puts the Heavy Cock in the AEC Heavy Cockatrice' @_@

Wodensraven said...

or maybe ' the man who puts the VD in Victory day', hmm i am developing a disturbing theme here *_*.
Keep up the good work old beans,

Luke said...

We try to keep away from using any sexual innuendo on our show. LOL

grumpus said...

...who let the Frogs out?!?! ( BahaBoy'sBlitzkriegRemix)

Lamenter40K said...

Here's a few, not all rhyme, some might be strange movie references or other oddball things. It was a good episode guys, keep 'em coming.

Man who put line in gasoline
Man who was put on display in the zoo
Man who put a woman in a coma over a parking space
Man who put odd in podcast
Man who put stank in tank
Man who put the bop in the bop shoo bop shoo bop
Man who put dumb in gundum
Man who put the hit on Jimmy Hoffa
Man who was the third shooter
Man who put the germ in Germany
Man who invented in the internet along with Al Gore
Man who put baby in a corner
Man who’s so cool he doesn’t look at explosions

Luke said...

Maybe this contest was a bad idea. Steve is going to start thinking he is Chuck Norris :)

indierockclimber said...

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying this.

Although NOBODY puts baby in the corner.

Wodensraven said...

'the man who puts the pattern in Patton', well at least its clean-P

Whiskey51 said...

Got rid of my Alphabet soup sandwich of a name. Now should show as Whiskey51... I hope.

Luke said...

There he is. Nice. I was wondering who that was.

Lamenter40K said...

The man who never loses, only chooses not to win (like Chuck Norris!).

Lamenter40K said...

The man who put the Toon in Pattoon!

Neal Smith said...

The man who put the "Bark" in "Barkmann".
"night" in "nightcrawlers"
"pan" in "Panhards"
"man" in "Sherman"

Instead of stars for ratings you need to use "ivory handled revolvers".

kbdrand said...

Dang it. I posted my entry on the forum. Didn't realize you guys meant the blog entry here. I thought I heard "on the forums " during the podcast. Looks like someone already posted a variant of mine. Oh well, I will repost it anyway.

Here is my contest entry:

WWPD putting the 'toon' in Patoon for 15 episodes!

Pete said...

Oh man, this is great! Keep 'em coming guys!

Dark said...

Ok, some really good ones here is a couple I cooked up.

Puts the ton in patton
Puts the shutz in Sturmgeshutz
Puts the hum in hummel
Puts the rum in the brummbar

Love your work guys, best thing to have on while painting. You guys are constantly cracking me up, numerous times I have to redo collar marks and shoulder epaulets due to laughter while painting.

grumpus said...

A few more:

-the man who inspires yellow-Jackets to fail their motivation checks..

-who is puts the 'Rad' in 8-Rad...

-Takes the 'Freon' outta those refrigerator-tanks...

-puts the 'silly' in Fusiliers...

-who puts the 'wit' into Howitzers...

-"Triscuit" trots with taters & tots...

-who puts the 'AAAARGH!' in Arnhem...

-and your host, the man who eats Tigers and craps Borgwards...

Thaumaturgist said...

"Who puts the dick in dictating terms to his enemies."

Thaumaturgist said...

"And now to our host, the man that gets sloshed on adult snacks...."

Luke said...

This is going to be tough. The contest will officially end on Friday

saturnismus said...

As I'm very much into Finns in FoW I got very interested in the casts by Kay(?) you briefly mentioned (around 24mins), any more information available online?

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