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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

WWPD News From the Front Episode 14

"It's Pretty good, man!"

Steven, Luke, and Dirty Jon return after their short break, with fresh topics! The fellows discuss Cold Wars, Herman Goerring, The Plastic Soldier Company's T-34s, the History of the US Infantry Divisions' "triangle" structure, and plenty more! As a fun drinking game- count how many times Steven says "pretty good".


  • 0:00 - Intro & After Action
  • 0:19 - Announcements (live* Podcast! & Player Finder!)
  • 0:32 - The History of Cold Wars!
  • 0:45 - Know Your Frenemy: Hermann Göring
  • 0:59 - Limerick Challenge Results! (Winners- e-mail Steven!)
  • 1:05 - History Lesson With Jon
  • 1:22 - Review of the PSC Plastic T-34s
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Links discussed in this episode:
View From the Turret:
Aquahog Table Top:
Solent Wargamers:
Cold Wars:
The Plastic Soldier Company:

Great to be back in the saddle! I know my coverage of the Herman G. lists was light and I apologize for my lack of preparation- I blame my viscious sinus infection! Please do yourself a favor and check out those plastic T-34s by PSC. We hope to see you at cold Wars!

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