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Sunday, March 13, 2011

WWPD Live From Cold Wars '11

"LIVE from Cold Wars!"

The gang podcasts with a live studio audience, a cooler of beer, and a slew of special guests! We talk to the I-95 guys, Bill Wilcox, Bob Giglio of HMGS, Joe Krone of Battlefront Miniatures, Rifleman Harris, and the rest of the gang! This recording gets plenty rowdy, plenty ranty, and plenty silly! Steven has just a little too much to drink, and hilarity ensues- listen for the Choo Choo noises! The gang had an absolutely amazing time, and their enthusiasm for Cold Wars shows through.

NOTE: This episode may not be appropriate for children, puritans, or those who hate fun.


  • 0:00 - Intro & After Action
  • 0:20 - Eric Lauterbach, & Joe Krone
  • 0:28 - Bill Wilcox
  • 0:38 - Trivia
  • 1:00 - Sean O'Hara & Chat
  • 1:15 - Joe Krone
  • 1:35 - Chris & Sarah Miller
  • 1:46 - Bob Giglio
  • 1:58 - Jason "Riflemen Harris" Salkey
  • 2:14 - Outro, thank yous, ramblings, farewell!
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Links discussed in this episode:
E-mail Eric Lauterbach: Errk68 [at] yahoo [dot] com
E-mail Sean O'hara: SOhara1986 [at] gmail [dot] com
Rifleman Harris:
MG42 Painting:
Battlefront Miniatures:
View From the Turret:

If my drunken rants didn't convey this already- I had an absolutely amazing time. This was our first attempt at "live" podcasting, and we hope everyone had as good of a time as we did! Lessons for next time: Bring more beer (drink less of it), keep up the awesome prize support, have fun

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