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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Welsh Guards vs Fallschirmjaeger from Hells Highway in Dust Up

This is a guest AAR played by Pete and Rob from MD! Thanks guys!

  • Panzerfaust Upgrade + HQ Mortars (attached to pios)
  • Fallschirmjager platoon, 3 sections, pzfausts for all
  • Fallschirmjager Platoon, 3 sections, command pzfaust
  • HMG Platoon (1 section)
  • FJ AT Platoon (4x Pak 40)
  • FJ Pioneer Platoon (2 sections)

  • 2x Jadgpanthers

  • HQ (2x Cromwell)
  • 3x Cromwell, 1 Challenger
  • 2x Cromwell, 1 Challenger
  • 3x Cromwells
  • 3 Stuarts, AAMG
  • Column Platoon (mortars)
  • Limited Air



Rob's Pak40's Dig in, while the supporting infantry fail (and would continue to fail for a few turns!), meanwhile the Jagdpanthers move up and manage to destroy one, and bail another cromwell with only two shots at long range and concealment! The Cromwells respond to the encroaching Jagdpanthers by double timing the heck out of Dodge!
And Pete forgets to roll for his air support...


The Jagdpanthers move into position into a wheat field, but fail to hit the still bailed cromwell, and the infantry supporting the Pak40's fails to dig in (again).

The roar of engines gets louder, the German tank crew looks to the sky with eyes wide in terror! Pete does not forget to roll for airpower, and proceeds to send a slew of rockets up the tailpipe of one of the Jagdpanthers! Kaboom!


Rob gets his first batch of reserves in the form of his FJ Pioneer platoon with attached CiC and HQ Mortars, which immediately threaten (and shoot at) my column platoon - taking out the command team! The mortars retaliate by getting 5 hits on 6 targets (even after the rerolls!) and manage to kill off two pioneer stands! Good job, lads!

The Cromwells, seeing this threat, double time back to within 16 inches of the objective, leaving the 2iC all on his own across from the German objectives.

The jagdpanther moves up and takes a shot at the Challenger in a risky move, but the gambit does not pay off as the Challenger not only survives, but responds by getting 3 hits and destroying the big cat! Huzzah!


Rob gets another unit of reserves, this time in the form of a full strength FJ platoon! The british objective is looking very open right now with only one unit protecting it, and no reserves in sight!

The Pioneers assault into the woods and absolutely murder my hapless mortar teams while the cromwells move to within 4 inches of the objective to contest it against the Germans who ended their assault on top of the objective.

The only british action of the turn is to watch another flight of Typhoons come roaring in to rocket to oblivion a PaK40 and a nearby infantry stand! This would prove to be the key to unlock the flank, as it allowed my cromwells to stay out of the arc of sight of the other Pak 40's in the woods.


Rob gets in his last reserves, this time the unit of hapless HMG's. Every FJ unit unpins.

The british *FINALLY* get reserves in the form of all of his entire remaining units.The unit of stuarts double time to try and help fight for the objective that the FJ are swarming all over, while the two platoons of cromwells and company command reinforce the lonely second in command on the left flank and attack the dug in germans! This looks impressive, but I only landed two (yes, two!) hits with all that machine gun fire on the dug in and gone to ground Germans. Suffice to say, I didn't kill any of them nor pin them. The Second in Command, seeing this performance showed them how it was done and with a single shot took out a concealed Pak40 in the woods!

Rob cleverly uses smoke and good positioning to get his FJ Pioneers into assault range of my cromwells, but fails not one but, even though the company command is right there, TWO tank terror tests to assault me! My sigh of relief is heard throughout the building.

This is what happens when you kill my mortars! The cromwells and stuarts team up to machine gun the crap out of the FJ Pioneer platoon (and Copmany Command) who didn't quite have the stormtrooper range to get back into the woods completely.


The Pak 40's redeploy out of the woods, and the FJ Platoon covering the objective on the right flank dig in. The cromwells spend another turn hammering the infantry to no effect on the left flank, while on the right flank the other platoon of cromwells redeploy and kill a flanked pak40. The Stuarts rake MG's onto the freshly dug in FJ platoon and dont even pin them.


Another amazing set up and assault fails due to yet *another* failed tank terror test! Rob had perfect positioning of his troops and subsequent smoke barrage, but failed that "fearless" test. We decided to call the game at this point, as it was getting late and Rob had no more Anti Tank while I was contesting all of the objectives. Good game!

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