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Friday, March 4, 2011

SS T-34 Beutepanzerkompanie finished!

And here they are! I just finished these guys. 10 SS T-34s for my mid war Flames of War SS Beutepanzerkompanie. These 10 T-34s cost a full 150 points for 10 (150 each), but they ARE fearless Veteran. Nevertheless, they were my first experiment with Panzer Grey. They'll be rolling out, turned against their former masters, ready to roll into Steve-o-grad!

Here's a great article on captured T-34s in use by the German Panzerkorps:

These T-34s are all plastics done by The Plastic Soldier Company

Historically, by the time these were really used in full companies, it would probably be far more likely to appear in the German 3-tone, but I saw this color plate and fell in love:

(marked as SS Totenkopf winter '41)

Clearly I took some artistic license and moved the decals to the hull, but the spirit is the same.

Coming soon: A side by side comparison of a Flames of War T-34 and a Plastic Soldier Company T-34.

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