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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gale Force 9 Swamps (also German Early War Purchases)

Today I got in a pretty large Flames of War order. I wasn't able to get any Panzer II Cs, so I said "screw it", and got Panzer II Fs instead. That's pretty much the nerdiest thing I've ever said. Anyway, hopefully no one calls me out on it. They look pretty much the same, and most importantly- the Fs were available :)

I also nabbed a boat load of Panzer Is and Panzer IV d. This pretty much gives me the ability to do leichte panzers, verlastete panzers, and Mitlerre panzers. I also picked up Rommel in his 38(t), which means a crapload of 38(t) purchases are in my near future. Round that out with some infantry I ordered, a box of stukas, and some swamps, and my god! Someone at BF just put their kid through college courtesy of the Stevie Mac scholarship!

The real point of this post, however, is to review the beautiful swamps by Gale Force 9 and Battlefront Miniatures.

Here they are straight out of the box. At this stage, after spending 40 seconds opening them- they are ready to play! That right there says a lot- $25 and BAM 2 durable, complete swamps.

For scale.

And again.

So for $25 per box (I bought 2 boxes), you get 2 swamps and 4 islands. BUT to go one step further, they include a bag of static grass! Fortunately, the static grass perfectly matches my board.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to add the static grass or not- it makes storing/stacking them a little more iffy, but in the end I decided to give it a shot.

Honestly, what's to say about them? I love JR Miniatures, and their swamps do work out to be a bit cheaper, but they are of much lower quality than these guys. The Gale Force 9 Battlefield in a Box terrain is superb, and to go one step further, I think this box of swamps is probably the absolute best set they've come out with to date for the price. A+.


Neal said...

Great purchases! I couldn't get any more Pz II Cs either when I tried a couple weeks ago. I got some Old Glory/Command Decision ones to try to see if I like them. I like the Char B1 and Somua models they have so we'll see. I just got two of the Pz IVDs also.

I like the swamps except the water is too "green" (purest green!) for my taste. dark brown/black water is what I think of... :) They look pretty good on the table... AND... they are DONE! :)

Scary Biscuits said...

I think you can see Kermit playing his banjo in one of those swamp pics...

pudson said...

They sure don't look like most of the swamps I've seen, but - "...they are DONE!" I think Neal hit the nail on the head.
Some people dig making their own terrain and don't value their own time as highly as I do. I set the value of a couple hours of my free time at more than $25.
So, for me, that's $25 well spent.
Order placed.

Anatoli said...

The static grass made a huge difference, looks "meh" without and "damn good" with static grass applied!

And that's a lot of tanks, I'm guessing you will use mid war infantry with those?

jmezz382 said...

Agreed .... the grass makes em pop

Anatoli said...

Realized I didn't make any sense there haha, what I meant is that you didn't buy any infantry so I assume you will use infantry from other periods that are already painted up :-)

indierockclimber said...

For now- yes. I do have the German Infantry HQ in that pile though (it broke open in transport- hence the plastic bag), and I grabbed 3 infantry platoons + 5 more Panzer IIs, + 2 8-rad from Maelstram when they had their big sale.

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