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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Free to Breathe 5k- Consider a Donation

This post is off topic, but important to our family.

My wife Lydia has, within the past year, developed a love for running. She's been to many races now, and trains religiously. A few months ago, her wonderful Aunt Doreen sadly passed away from Lung Cancer, and it was a trying experience for her whole family. Now, Lydia is running a 5k that is a fundraising event for Lung Cancer Research. She's reached her modest fundraising goal of $100, but I'd really like to show her some support. WWPD doesn't ask for much, and I make it a point to not try to push things on our subscribers and listeners- but I ask that if you at all enjoy our blog and/or our podcast, that you consider a small donation for her efforts. It's something my immediate family holds near and dear, and so I hope my extended gaming family would be willing to embrace it as well!

If you'd like to make a donation to Lydia's efforts, you can visit this link:

The race is this Saturday. Thanks to everyone in advance!

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