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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

British Guards Armoured vs Fallschirmjaeger (AAR by Dirty Jon)

Here's another AAR by Jon!

  • HQ (2 Cromwells)
  • Armored Platoon (3 Cromwells + Challenger)
  • Armored Platoon (3 Cromwells + Challenger)
  • 4x Stuarts
  • Recce Patrol (2 dingos, 2 armored cars)
  • Column Platoon (3 Carriers)
  • Guards Infantry Platoon

  • HQ + Von De Necromancers + 2 tank trap teams
  • Full Platoon w/ Faust Party
  • Full Platoon w/ Faust Party
  • Light guns platoon leader w/ faust
  • 4 tube 8cm Mortars
  • SS tank hunter platoon, as portrayed by 4 StuGs
  • 3 Pak 40s

For this rematch, I went with the same list as last time (Lots of Cromwells, Guards Infantry, Carriers, Stuarts, Recon), and Brian went with an FJ list from Hell's Highway. This time, we rolled Encounter and Brian got to be the attacker.


Brian's Left Flank

Brian's Center.

The Town

We both placed an Objective in the Center of our own territory, then put an Objective on the enemy's left part of the board. This made the Objectives pretty staggered.

Brian chose to put on 2 units of FJs and the PAK 40s. I went with all 3 Recce, having picked the Carriers for my Column platoon.

Brian put a platoon of FJs on his right objective (with CiC and Von der Necro), and a unit of FJs plus PAK 40s on the center objective. Since I had 3 Recce platoons, I put the carriers in the middle on my side and the Stewarts and Daimlers/Dingos Ate My Baby! on the left side -- I put nothin on my right objective -- risky! The CiC and 2iC both went down with the Stewarts. I was scared of his ambushing shrek/faust pit things.

With my Recce moves, I moved up on my left towards Brian's objective, and put the carriers in the middle.


Brian: Digs everything in.
Jon: Moved the Stewarts, Daimlers/Dingos and Command Cromwells up and shoot he FJs. I kill the mortar observer!

Recce pushes on Jon's left.

Jon's Right.

Jon's Center objective.

Brian's point of view.

Recce moves through the town.

More of Jon's aggressive push.

Stuarts open up.


Brian: Goes to Ground.
Jon: I shoot the FJs on my left again, but do nothing. I used the Daimler/Dingo unit to lift GTG. The Carrier move into the town.

Brian's Stugs Arrive from Reserve


Brian: Gets his Stugs on his left corner and springs his pit guys. He moves the Stugs up toward my uncovered Objective! He also decides to move his FJ platoon off the center objective, leaving the PAK 40s alone.
Jon: I get a Cromwell platoon from reserve on my left corner and move it up towards the bridge, not wanting to risk skill checks across the river. The Carriers double-time it down toward the uncovered objective on my right. The Stewarts, Dingos and Command keep shooting the left FJs with little result.

Opening up on the dug in Germans

Carriers Double Time

Cromwells Arrive from Reserve

Tank Trap Teams revealed

The board from Jon's POV

Jon's Left

Carriers Being Sneaky

Model's Eye View


Brian: Stugs shoot up the Carriers, killing one and bailing another. The FJs from his center Ojective continue toward my right Objective. Brian also gets his Mortars on the board.
Jon: I get Reserves, and the 2nd Cromwell platoon appears and side-shots the Stugs, killing 1. The other Cromwell platoon heads across the bridge and shoots at the PAK 40s and Mortars. 1 Mortar down.

Armor Duel

Crossing the water


Brian: Recoilless Rifles appear on Brian's left corner - perfect! The Stugs form up and kill a Cromwell. FJs on his left continue to advance with the Recoilless Rifles. The PAK 40s shoot the Cromwells on the bridge, with no result.
Jon: The Guards Infantry comes in right where I want them and threaten the Stugs. The Carriers re-mount and do the safe thing -- cover the objective. The center Cromwells shoot the Stugs, and kill 1. The left Cromwells sit tight and semi-indirect fire the PAK40s and kill one. The CiC, 2iC and Daimler/Dingos pull away from the left and head for the bridge.

Recoilles Rifles arrive

Brian's Lines

Jon's Left Flank

British Infantry Arrives from Reserve

TURNS 7,8,9... ?

Brian: We lose track of turns, but what basically happens is Brian moved both his FJs back towards the center objective, now that 2 platoons of mobile Brits are headed for the 1 PAK 40 left covering it. Some smoke is dropped and many machine guns are shot. The Stugs get polished off by a Challenger.

Jon: The Stewarts hold down the FJs on my left while the Daimler/Dingos and Command Tanks rush the remaining PAK 40. When Brian's FJs get in the open, I rush them with everything I have and shoot them up pretty bad. A final Assault by the Cromwells across the Very Difficult river crossing pretty much seals the deal for the Brits.

British Rifles secure their objective


Brian and I both agree that these lists are much more evenly matched. The critical point was Brian moving his FJs out of his entrenched positions, thus opening an opportunity for machine gun fire and Assaults. We chalk this up to Brian not wanting to have a boring game.

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