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Sunday, February 13, 2011

WWPD News From the Front Episode 13

"What Would Cupid Do?"

Steven, Luke, Joe and Jon have a few to drink and talk about their recent tournament experience in Williamsburg VA. The fellas go on to talk about Airplanes and Panzer Lehr in Flames of War. They also "arrrrrghhhh" rant about the negative connotations "tourney play" has, and encourage gamers to give FoW tournaments a shot- they really aren't bad!


  • 0:00 - Intro & After Action
  • 0:44 - Shoutout @ The Battlefront Podcast
  • 0:50 - Know Your Frenemy: Panzer Lehr
  • 1:10 - Blog Pick: Anatoli's Game Room
  • 1:12 - Jon's Statistics Corner
  • 1:24 - N00b Zone: Aircraft
  • 1:44 - AAAARRRRRGGGHHHHH - "tourney" vs "friendly" play
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Links discussed in this episode:
View From the Turret:
CWF Gamecast:
Radio Free Battlefront:
Anatoli's Game Room:

  • Pardon our incorrect handling of tank riders- we are all soviet n00bs. Tank Riders DO count FOR motivation but do NOT count against
  • As always- pardon our horrible pronunciations. That's how we roll
  • Don't forget about our contest!

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