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Friday, February 4, 2011

WWPD News From The Front Episode 12

"Radio Free WWPD"

Steven, Luke, Joe and Brian gather round the game table and talk about their adventures in gaming! The gents discuss recent tournament events, upcoming FoW news, Dystopian Wars, and a review of "Platoon Forward!" by Too Fat Lardies. We also poke a bit of good natured fun at the new BF Flames of War Podcast "Radio Free Battlefront"- but it's all in jest!


  • 00:03 - After Action Report
  • 00:39 - View From the Turret Donation
  • 00:46 - Radio Free Kiwis & Battlefront News
  • 00:54 - Dystopian Wars Preview
  • 01:03 - Battlefront Customer Service
  • 01:13 - "Platoon Forward!" Review
  • 01:27 - NOOB ZONE: US Tank Destroyers
  • 01:52 - Contest Limerick Challenge
  • 02:00 - "quirky accents" you know, as in, not American English
Download this week's episode directly: Subscribe via iTunes: Subscribe with other: Links discussed in this episode: View From the Turret: CWF Gamecast: Radio Free Battlefront: Too Fat Lardies & Platoon Forward!:


Luke said...

I want to apologize to everyone in advance for my rant about the US Tank Destroyers. I am very passionate about them and have officially begun my quest to have the rules revolving around them changed.

If you have a unit that you would like us to discuss please let us know.

And remember it is not too late to register for the "Win a dream date with Joe" contest coming next cast!

jmezz382 said...

I hope your gonna enter it Luke !

Luke said...

Why buy the cow when the milk is free?

Privite said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Privite said...

There once was a tommy named Joe
Who was pissed that his Churchill was slow
He bumped into a foe
With Panthers to show
Now he thinks it's "time to go"


Scary Biscuits said...

Hey guys!

Great cast. I, like Joe, broke a a bottle too and made ready for some bizznazz over the 2ID mis-identification situation :)

Also, if you know educators who use FoW as a teaching tool, such as the one you talked about, be sure to refer them to the BF forums if they haven't been there already. We've got an excellent group of educators sharing ideas in their own special forum. The more ideas they can share the better!

And to answer some of your unasked questions:
1. Ive been playing FoW since 2003-4, started at BF in 2007, working on Cobra. Wrote Stalin's Onslaught, Hell's Highway, A Bridge Too Far, and co-wrote Firestorm I (Bagration) and II (Market Garden), Art Of War II, as well as Turning Tide and Earth & Steel. :)

2. I am a Minnesotan export, combined with 10 years of living in the Pacific northwest, so that could be the funky accent you're hearing. But then again I have been here for three plus years so I'll bet the accent is pretty wacky...

3. NZ provides everyone with Hobbit holes, but the tides are bitch. Hence the tall black towers.

4. Wayne will kill you when he finds out you mixed him up as an Aussie... I'll see what I can do to distract him while you guys settle into a yurt somewhere in remote Mongolia.

Concerning TDs...
Guys, TDs are my babies. Luke, keep the faith, brother. (thumps chest) ;)

As much as I agree with everything else, I have to disagree on one point. TDs really should not be considered Bunker Busters. The bunkers that the TDs physically destroyed are what FoW refers to as Nests, (which TDs can knock out quite easily) They were not fully enclosed concrete bunkers, such as the ones you'll find on the Normandy coast.

However, TDs did engage such concrete bunkers at the Siegfried Line. There, they shot at the bunker's vision ports to blind them so the infantry could knock them out (which TDs can also do in FoW). But they could not destroy them.

A great resource to have is Tank Killers by Harry Yiede. That book will open your eyes if you haven't already read it!

All-in-all a great podcast gents!


indierockclimber said...

Sorry about the 3/2ID mixup!

Here is my retort:
1) Sorry I knew you weren't new to FoW, I meant to say new to Battle front. I remember when the announcement was made when you were hired, but didn't realize it was 2007!

2) The accent is awesome. We're gonna make a graphic and report on each episode of RFB regarding your developing Kiwi accent.

3) nailed it.

4) We know Wayne is Kiwi- we were talking about Tom Barbalet- the co-host of CWF gamecast who is indeed an aussie!

As for the TDs- My name's Paul and that's between y'all.

Anyhow, again- hope you know all the jabs are in good fun. Looking forward to the next RFB- you gonna do them weekly?

Scary Biscuits said...

Yep, the rivalry is all in good fun! I do think the two will work perfectly together exactly as you guys said. It should be a good run!

We're still settling into the RFB schedule. All I can say at this point is that it will be regular :)

Also, thanks for the Caveman vs. Mammoth plug ;) I've just posted the weekly rules update (

Luke said...


Several references have been made and shown the distinction between "pill boxes" which I have interpreted as more fortified, concrete bunkers and "machine gun nests" which I have thought BF would consider open top bunkers. TD's were often employed to fire directly, but were more often used to move behind the "pill box" and fire at the reinforced door which in effect destroyed the bunker by forcing the defenders to surrender if their were survivors.

I will say that I would gladly yield on the bunker buster point because in my research so far, that contention is not as well illustrated as the "Forced to Disengage" examples.

Sorry about the mix up on how long you have been on BF. Wayne listed all the stuff he worked on and I could have sworn all you mentioned was Turning Tide, hence our thought you were relatively new to BF. Sicne you were involved in Cobra I would liek to also take a moment to ask about the Spearhead move. Why is it so restrictive? You have to stop outside of 16 inches. Most times, except in a few examples in some defensive scenarios where my opponent unwisely deplyed far back in his deployment area, I only get to move a couple of inches forward, if any.

Thanks again for listening


Scary Biscuits said...

Hey Luke,

Thats a good point on the bunkers and illustrates what we define as a nest quite well. By FoW definition, a nest is something that your average tank or gun can destroy with direct fire. Whereas a pillbox, in FoW terms, is something that requires specialist or high-caliber weaponry to knock out. May not be perfect, but thats how we define the two types of bunkers.

For example, a fully enclosed bunker that was knocked out by a TD would still be rated as a nest since it was not built to withstand HE. However, serious bunkers (ie pillboxes in FoW) have things like internal blast walls to protect the men inside from shots coming through the 3-inch thick reinforced steel door.

Probably a bit more than you were looking for, but I thought it might be helpful to see how bunkers are rated in FoW :)

As for the Spearhead rule,
The rule was really written with the aim to help platoons get into attack position and exploit any gaps in the enemy line.

If your opponent has deployed to restrict your Spearhead, thats still a good result as they have had to spread out pretty thin allowing you to use Spearhead to overload a flank and breakthrough.

Not sure if that really answers the question, but its the best I can do, seeings how its a beautiful Saturday afternoon outside :)

Happy Gaming :)

FoxPhoenix135 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FoxPhoenix135 said...

The Secret Meeting named "Trident"
Was where the fate of Germany was decided.
Both Churchill and Freddy,
Though allies just barely,
Agreed on a plan to fight it.

<------- my contest entry.

Sorry it's not as good as steve's, but I'm no poet.

Great podcast this week, fellas!

BTW, I decided to keep the cheesy flames on the blog ring just to spite you!

Andy said...

Luke, man, don't be afraid to let a little role-playing get into your games! I've had some cool stories come out of competitive play, but most come more from less competitive games where the players really get more into the game than the story!

AKCraig said...

So what would Patton do
If it where him and a tank full of crew?
He’d have broken through Rundstedt’s and Model’s line
And by Christmas he would have been over the Rhine
Then he’d give old Monty the screw

AKCraig said...

I think you should do reviews of all the airborne companies (ie US Para, British Airborne, Fallshrimjagers) strengths and weaknesses in the know your frienemy.

crony5000 said...

The WWPD crew are all Flames of war brawlers.
But do tend to love Nightcrawlers.
On weekends they relax.
And down some adult snacks.
Making me find ways to spend my Miniature dollars.

Entry. :-)

Joyous_Oblivion said...

Awesome podcast as always guys, this little thing you guys do has kept me painting and playing more so than almost any other influence around!

FoxPhoenix135 said...

Crony wins... Lol

scaramouche1963 said...

There was an old soilder called Fritz
Who had a bad case of the s*%ts
So he hid in he's tank
And to god he gave thanks
till he was shot up the arse by a Yank !

My limerick entry. Loveing the pod casts lads keep em comeing!!

Luke said...


Listen a few podcasts back. Dirty Jon reviewed his British Paratroopers, briefly, in the tournament we played in Delaware. He is the resident expert on the Brits. I am sure we can talk him into doing a full review soon. I actually have an American Airborne company which I have been anxious to try out.

@Mike. Like so many wargamers I have a obsession with history so any insight is always appreciated. I plan on continuing my research for the fun of it and opportunity to learn.

It's funny about the spearhead rule because today I had occassion to play a Light Tank Company in a tournament (it kicks ass by the way) and the Spearhead rule served me well. The German players, relying on heavy Panthers, could not cover all avenues of approach so it worked like a champ (6-1, 6-1, 5-2) It has ben a while since I played out of Cobra so maybe I am just a little wiser now.

Luke said...

The best part about our hobby is the diversity it offers whether it is a period of history, fantasy adventures, galactic conquests, the modeling, the painting and everything in between. Each individual can take what they want out of the gaming hobby providing endless hours of enjoyment. I am a pretty black and white kind of guy. I like FOW and some roleplaying games, but not a mixture of the two, but that's me. Everyone is entitled to play what they want. This just wasn't for me. I didn't say it was bad, just that I, myself, do not like it because it has no appeal to me. I have had that roleplaying game aspect in my wargames before and it was not something I get in to.

Al said...

Great Podcast Gentlemen, just started getting into the hobby (after years of playing other games), been listening while painting up some stuff for my British Rifle Comp.
Loving the Newb section. I think it's covered a fee questions that I am sure would have come up in games. As a suggestion I would love to see a newb zone section on the Assault phase. I keep reading the section (as advised, and get the idea, but from what I here even experienced players forget things or certain situations introduce complexities. So perhaps a beginner’s guide to assault would be a good idea.

Anyway better think up of a limerick.


There was a young yank from Nantucket,
Seeing his Sherman in Flames, though f**k it,
With Krauts in the Woods,
Call on death from above,
Thunderbolts and 500lbs bombs worked just the ticket.

Ahhh appalling poetry, reminds me of GSCE English!

Keep up the good work


CA$H said...

In the wars of old, when tankers were bold,
And brave and trusty,
They sweated in
Their tanks so thin,
And all their bits went rusty!

freekickhero said...

Enjoyed the podcast as usual! Would like someone to cover some Airborne tactics or an Airborne battle report. I'm playing an American (82d with Major Cook) Airborne company in a tune up tournament this coming Saturday and then our Ghengis Con tourney the following weekend.

Its taken me FOREVER to paint up all the infantry and other than getting worked over by my local gaming buddies and reading the tactics thread on the FOW forums, I really have very little tactical experience with them.

Thanks for the great work and I look forward to your next podcast!

Luke said...

I will get some kind of US airborne game together after Cold Wars (March 11th) so we can give them a try. Hopefully we can come up with something useful. Until then, please let us know about your upcoming tournament, how you did and any suggestions for us.

@A Steve and I talked tonight about your very suggestion. Assault will be covered. We have not decided how we are going to cover it as the rules are extensive. Rest assured that it is a priority for us so be on the look out for something in the not to distant future.

Uriah said...


First, I dig this podcast. You guys do good work and your after-action reports and unit discussions are excellent to listen to while contemplating what I'm going to be doing in Flames of War. I've convinced two of the guys I regularly play with at our FLGS to listen for the good discussion, so that makes this next bit hard.

You guys need to refigure how you say when you want to come down on something that you don't like. Luke's recent US TD rant created a serious doubt in my mind if I'm going to continue to listen, particularly as the 'dice luck' rant in episode three did the same thing. On the one hand, I just listened to a whine from a local player about how horrid US TD rules are, so I may be over-sensitive on that subject, but the discussion of Battlefront's blister availability under the topic of BF Customer Service was even more harsh. It sounded like, "oh, my situation sucks as the game I love can't give me what I want because they can't respond to unexpected demands at the end of their supply chain quickly enough."

Are you kidding me? While listening to WWPD has amped up and increased my interest in early war (which you guys gave awesome coverage to, BTW) we are talking about a logistics train for stocking FoW that starts in freaking Malaysia and before it crosses the Pacific to get to the US, and then it has to cross the US to get to you in VA. Take a couple of deep breaths and relax a bit. While you do state that on a replacement/repair end, BF does great, which they do, you spent too much time decrying the misery of having to wait for model availability like the rest of us.

So, pull up those pants and move on. I've ranted long enough in this message, so before I start thinking about pots and kettles, keep up the better work you've been doing. Ditch the whining.

Still looking forward to Ep 13.

indierockclimber said...

Hi Uriah, thanks so much for the feedback!

I will say that the TD rule is one of Luke's biggest pet peeves, but it doesn't really bother the rest of us :)

However, I think the supply issues are perfectly valid to complain about. First of all- it's not like we're losing sleep over it, and my life goes on whether or not I get my Panzer III Es in a timely fashion! But in the context of a podcast about gaming, we'd be remiss to not mention what I see as a consistent problem. Early War German stuff is very difficult to get ahold of, and that is really limiting the growth of Early War around here. People are having to go to other manufacturers or order slightly different variants of models to meet their army needs.

Is that terrible? In the grand scheme of things- of course not. Hell, good things to be sold out. New video game systems, iPhones etc are always tough to get ahold of near the launch date! But that doesn't make it okay, and especially not 6 months on.

So bottom line is I stand by that complaint, but with the caveat that it probably sounded like it bothered me a lot more in the podcast than it bothers me in real life. I ain't losing sleep :)

Still- I really appreciate the feedback, negative feedback is especially helpful to us as we move forward!

Lee said...

Another great podcast cheers lads.Luke you rant away nice to see some passion on a podcast,anyone not liking it can fast forward :-) I think the podcasts are getting stronger and stronger.


Lee said...

Talking about accents in the podcast,my british accent would be of no use to you as i'm from Essex,a county just outside London and on many holidays to the USA i always get asked if i'm Australian.(how to annoy and Englishman call him an

Basecoat101 said...

@Uriah The WWPD guys were not whining about the supply chain. They were voicing a valid complaint. These guys are taking their own time to do a podcast to help grow the hobby we all enjoy. There is nothing wrong with calling out Battlefront on this issue.

I am not sure how they should "refigure" the rants. I like listening to these guys. Its a bunch of friends hanging out talking about stuff they enjoy. Something comes up they feel strongly about, they rant a bit. Its what guys do. I wish I could see it live..... and have an adult snack or two.

Keep listening and sending feedback. Just like Battlefront I am sure they appreciate it.


JMHahn said...

There once was a tanker from Nantucket
who saw an AT gun and said "f*** it!"
he rolled in to seize the win
but his armor was dreadfully thin
and now he carries his guts in a bucket

Proceeds will be donated to a broke college student friend trying to get into Flames of War =)

Rabid Monkey said...

There once was a newbie named Joe
Who's friends thought he should be in the know.
Now he's learning the rules,
So to best all you fools,
Still his record has nothing to show.

jmezz382 said...

Bravo Rapid Monkey !

Rabid Monkey said...

High praise.... Thank you, sir!

Luke said...

I do actually lose sleep over the Tank Destroyer thing.

@Basecoat I think you said it best. Some things we are passionate about. Those things will always get more attention on an individual basis.

The supply chain are Brian and Steve's big pet peeves, but doesn't really bother me because I do not need anything at this moment. However, I do not think anyone can deny that it is pretty poor business planning to be consistantly out of goods for consumers in any industry.
On TD's I appreciate your feedback, but I think your wrong too. :) (JK) TD's are a big hot button right now for a lot of people because of the tank options for some US lists which one of two tank options are TD's. We do not have scripts and I can see how we may "rant" on about a subject, but it is pretty easy to do, especially when we are giving our opinions which is just what the podcast is for most topics...our opinions. I never feel like I am "ranting" when we are doing the podcast, but even I think we can go on for too long sometimes when I review the podcasts. I do not expect everyone to agree with us all the time, but hope you would not get turned off to the podcast because of a couple of segments. I think we offer something for just about everyone most of the time, but we can't be everything to everyone all of the time.

@High Praise
Please don't encourage him :)

Pete said...

You're everything to me all of the time, Luke.

Just sayin`.

Uriah said...

@Luke & indierockclimber

Thanks for the responses. I appreciate and enjoy the work that you guys put into WWPD, so keep it up. After you guys mentioning D6 Generation, and then listening to them under your recommendation, I feel like they've got a good 'no hate' rule with their 'casts. Perhaps you should try to emulate it a bit. Or not, as you consider the feedback you are getting from your listeners.

Hey, and if you are going to complain about the supply chain, explain the eight hot dogs to twelve hot dog bun thing :). You are hitting a similar topic in both, and it is not anything that has an answer worth dealing with. Sorry that you are having trouble getting what you want, but such is life. It is a binary solution set, either they release the book and then the minis, possibly getting an idea of what people may want before producing stuff, or they release the 'wrong' minis before the book and can't move what they've produced. No answer to resolve.


Thanks for clarifying your position on the TD situation. I've only played against US TD's, and feel like while the rules are complicated, they do do some freaky things to make playing them interesting. I've been hit hard by them, so don't really feel like they need revision. On the other hand, I don't play US, so can't speak to their merit in the lists that were released with the new D-Day set.

So, like I started with, keep up the good work guys.

Luke said...

Thanks for your comments. We consider every comment and suggestion that we receive. Listener feedback has had a tremendous impact on how the podcast has evolved and continues to evolve today.

I will always give my honest opinion on things. Our honesty is what separates us from so many other websites, blogs, podcasts and magazines in the wargaming community. If you are a paying sponsor many people will just give a rubber stamp of approval because they are afraid of making you angry and losing your support.

Even if someone does advertise or submit products to us we are not going to white-wash our reviews for their benefit. Yes we could use a little more tact in our conversations, but there is not script, it is just guys talking. We have made a commitment to ourselves and the listeners to be honest. If you lose that you lose your credibility with the audience and with the wargaming community.

Jacob Bodmer said...

I was told to check out this podcast at gaming the other night via a rules question (i.e. "Are you sure about that?" "Yeah, the WWPD guys explained this one" "The what now?")

I've listened to several episodes, and quite enjoy it, good listening while I paint.

The rules explinations are useful, as are the know your frenemy segments.

Actually, I have a suggestion for "Know your Frenemy" Panzer Lehr. With the new E&S book out, they've started to show up. And, as a player of a Panzerkompanie, all that integral AT is a nightmare (Especially if you pull, say, Cauldron.)

I also really enjoy the random-other-games segments you do, Dystopian wars, for example, looks quite interesting (Giant blimp with a runway on top? SOLD!)

Also, Stephen, you can better preserve meter in your limerick by swapping "tank" for "armor" in the last line ;)

Thanks for the enjoyable podcast, and the battle reports I've been checking out.

Finally, a Limerick Entry:

There once was a fella named Luke
Who read rules for TDs* and puked
He went on the show
To let us all know
And shoot off his scathing rebuke.

(Are multiple stanzas allowed? If not, just stick with the first one, otherwise...)

Brian went to his first tourney
From noobdom, he's made quite a journey
And though he may lose
It don't give him the blues
Though he wishes his accent were Sydney**

Stephen made up this contest
And bade us to give him our best
What will he do
If they all sound like poo?
Though I fear that I may have digressed.

* Pronounced out - Tee Dees, to (almost) maintain meter
** This almost rhymes, and *rney rhymes aren't easy. Seriously, what were my "true rhyme" options? Gurney? Pfft. So I'm going to count this.

Sorry if anyone feels left out, I couldn't figure out stanzas for you all...

indierockclimber said...

guh, I wrote a lengthy reply but the internet gnomes ate it, so this one is significantly shorter.

I'm glad you've joined the team! It both warms my heart and terrifies me that people are quoting us as rules authorities :) The day we get something horribly wrong, all hell is gonna break loose!

Funny you mention panzer lehr for know your frenemy- they are indeed next on the list!

And as for the limericks- bravo! Very nice :) Thanks!

Jacob Bodmer said...

I just realized it's "Steven" not "Stephen"
My bad.
Where's the "Edit" feature? =p

mywargaming said...

Excellent podcast guys.

Here is my competition entry

Dirty Jon plays Flames of War
A bottle of scotch he cannot ignore
With a brown paper bag
After two turns he waves a white flag
How hes off to the liquor store

FlightDoc said...

Heard the podcast today about Platoon Forward. For your information I am doing a version for WW II aircraft called "Squadron Forward."


Joe Legan

indierockclimber said...

FlightDoc- that sounds awesome! I'm loving Check Your 6!- that would be a great addition.

Luke said...

We are actually going to start calling him Stef-fon. That is his stage name.

I actually sent Steve an email today about doing Panzer-Lehr and I think we are going to cover that next.

@Jacob - I got a little emotional when I read that we clarified a rule you guys had a question on in a game. We have a bunch more coming in the future. I have also come up with a rule to complain about which I am saving for a surprise for the next podcast. Glad you enjoyed the podcast and hope you keep listening.

Jacob Bodmer said...

@Luke - It happened again tonight. Gun Tank rules came into play. We used to roll before shooting, for some reason.

CPO T Wardwell said...

Ode to a Flames of War Widow,

Her man has left her again for war and fights,
Armed with tiny tanks and guns and little men so slight.
For what he spent on grass and Boccage,
She could have gotten two hours of hot rock massage.
Depite all he could be LARPING at the park in tights.

Yes this might be a bit of a "Kiss-the-judges-butt" play but I have to tell you all that you have some pretty understanding significant others!
Great podcast guys, keep it rolling. LOVE the newbie section.

Red Star said...

So Von Tattau sent in his reluctant men,
Spinlder came along with his tiger tank;
But John Frost with his perimeter force,
Who dug in along Rhine’s northern bank,
And fought to a heroic end.
-about John Frost, my favorite/most hated (when I'm fighting against him)hero in FOW.

Another great episode! Wish to see a "Know your friendmie" about the British armoured/para soon!

Allan and Carmen said...

My contest entry and another chance for an Australian to pick on the Kiwis (New Zealand national pastime) - joke -

There was a young man from Minnesota,
Who travelled a long way by boata,
Velcro Gloves on hands,
The sheep he'd romance,
While he worked on Operation Cobra

Yes Australians have a great sense of humour. Just look at our Prime Minister :P

Great Podcast guys. Keep up the great work!

Happy Gaming,


indierockclimber said...

Great entries guys! Allan- that had me goofing :)

quickdrawgc said...


US Tank destroyers are stealthy
If you keep your carbine teams healthy
Each fires twice
but don't blame the dice!
If in victory points they make your opponent wealthy.


dgkhalil said...

There once was a Tiger named Tiki
Whose crew was both clever and sneaky.
And while it made many kills
With both power and skills
In the end it must have looked cheeky.

Allan and Carmen said...

Very funny :D

indierockclimber said...

Quickdraw DC- you were the runner up, but I can't find a way to contact you! Shoot me an email if you would please :)

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