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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jon's Guards Armored vs Brian's Fallschirmjaeger

Dirty Jon's Guards Armored vs Brian's Fallschirmjaeger

Dirty Jon wrote this AAR of a game he and Brian had recently.

Dirty Jon's Guards Armored
  • HQ (2x Cromwell)
  • 2 Cromwell Platoons (3 Cromwells, 1 Challenger)
  • 1 Rifle Platoon
  • 1 Stuart Platoon (Recce)
  • 1 Recce Platoon (2 Diamler Is and 2 Dingos Ate My BABY!)
  • 1 Column Platoon (3 Carriers)

Brian's Fallschirmjaeger
  • HQ
  • 2 FJ Platoons
  • 1 FJ Pioneer Platoon
  • 1 Stug Platoon
  • 1 Armoured Rocket Launchers
  • 1 PAK 40 Platoon


Free-For-All. I am the attacker and we start setting up. Standard placement of objectives.

Brian puts infantry on both objectives, with the pioneers on my right flank as well. PAK 40s back up the infantry on my left. The Stugs are in the middle to be able to move anywhere, along with the Nebs. The observer goes in the open on my left.

I put out all my Recce platoons first, hoping to do something with a huge Recce move. I put the Carriers in the middle-right and the Daimlers on the far right. I hope that these 2 can hold off 2 Platoons of Fearless Infantry. I throw the Stewarts in the middle-left with some Cromwells. 1 platoon of Cromwells on the left. I put the CiC and 2iC in the middle to cause trouble.

Recce Move: I run the Daimlers and Carriers up and right to hold off the infantry. Shoot shoot shoot! I kill some and pin. The Stewarts move up to the left -- I will Assault turn 1, baby!

Jon's Left

The center from Jon's point of view.

Jon's Right.

Brian's Stugs and Armored Rockets

Jon's Guards Armored line up!


More of Brian's Deployment.

Jon's Right.


My Turn: I immediately move the Stuarts and Cromwells forward I shoot up his infantry, as they have not had a chance to dig in yet. I get the pin I was looking for. I shoot up his stuff on my right with the 2 Recce units -- again, not dug in yet. I stay out of 10" so I can't get Assaulted. My 2iC and CiC kill 1 neb. Woo hoo! The Stewarts Assault the FJs on my left and score more kills - Brian starts off the rolling with a failed Counterattack. The FJs move back a bit, but are already below half. They make this morale check.

Jon's Recce moves forward.

Stuarts charge and assault!

Fallschirmjaeger are forced off the objective!

Brian's Turn:
All 3 Infantry dig in on both objectives. He moves the Stugs around and shoots up the Stewarts and Cromwells with the Stugs and the 3 PAK 40s. 2 Stewarts explode and 1 gets bailed. Brian fails to range in with his Nebs. Stewarts make morale. Go Guards! Fire is ineffective against the Recce on my right.

Two Stuarts are knocked out in return fire.

Dingos and Carriers MG the Germans.


My Turn:
I move up the middle unit of Cromwells and shoot up the PAKs 40s real good. The other Cromwell platoon stands still and does nothing against the Stugs. With Semi-Indirect, I was hoping for some kills. Alas, I only end up killing one. My Stewart didn't un-Bail either! Drat! I shoot up the guys on my right, but don't even get a pin! I go ahead and Assault the PAK 40s with the middle Cromwells (from behind!) and kill 1 more.

Brian requests peace. Or signals turn 2.

Cromwells join in and knock out a Stug.

Recce continues to MG the infantry

Brian puts smoke on the the Cromwells on my left and shoots up the others. 1 killed, and the Challenger bailed. D'oh! The PAK 40s pull back. His infantry shoots at the Recce on my right, but do nothing.

Brian's return fire.


My Turn:
My CiC and 2iC move towards the Nebs and shoot them up nice! My left platoon of Cromwells come out of the smoke and shoot the FJs -- they will get Assauted! The middle platoon of Cromwells stands still and shoots the Stugs very effectively. The Challenger failed to un-Bail, though. On my right, I shoot at and Pin the Pioneers. At the end of shooting, the Stugs run taking the CO with them! Yay! I move in for the Assault with the Cromwells. The D-fire is ineffective and I kill some. They fail the counterattack and run away. At this point, we call it a game.

Jon's Right.

Jon's Left.

Armored Rockets

The final charge.

Armored Rockets take a beating.

Recon hold the right flank.

The final charge!

Jon's closing thoughts:
Overall, I was pleased with the changes to the list. 6 platoons is nice, and the infantry are good to have.

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