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Sunday, January 23, 2011

WWPD News From the Front Episode 11

"Javier Montoya- International Man of Mystery"

Steven, Luke, and Joe return to the studio with newcomer and Marylander Pete Ellis! The gang talks about all kinds of different gaming topics from Sci-fi to Pandemic- a great board game! They go on to talk about the "Ambush" rule, US Armor, and various game mats.

  • 00:00 - Introduction & After Action
  • 00:23 - Blogs of Interest
  • 00:30 - Game Mat Reviews
  • 00:52 - Battle Foam Review
  • 01:02 - AAARRRGGHHH- Not So Silent Bystanders
  • 01:11 - T-Shirt Giveaway Drawing
  • 01:13 - Steven eats crow
  • 01:19 - AMBUSH!
  • 01:33 - US Armor

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Links discussed in this episode:
CWF Gamecast:
The Terrain Guy:
Full Thrust:
FoW Unofficial Blog Ring:
Model Dads:
Battle Foam:
Hotz Mats:
Gerhard Hennes: Amazon Link

Winners of the WWPD T-Shirt giveaway:
Scary Biscuits
Josiah Martin
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Luke said...

I forgot his name during the episode, but I had to look it up when I got home.

It was Ed Mauser from Easy Company that died this past week at he age of 94. He was the last surviving member of the "Band of Brothers"

Pete said...

He was the oldest member. There are still some Easy Members kicking around. Babe Heffron and Bill Guarnere are still alive. (at least)

FoxPhoenix135 said...

Just got done listening, thanks for the plug to the blog ring! Guess I'll have to change the background... But thanks for the kind words. I'll have to let you guys know how my first tournament goes here at the end of next month (running it, not playing it)... But I'm swamped trying to make enough terrain to fill 3 tables.

Scary Biscuits said...

Score! Thanks guys. Email incoming :)

Scary Biscuits said...

oh yeah, I'll be expecting a WWPD review of Caveman vs Mammoth once the blogosphere has crafted its masterpiece!

Chris said...

You guys party almost as hard as us!


Nice podcast, cheers for the shout,

Chris from Model Dads

indierockclimber said...

@FoxPhoenix- no worries I can't really talk about design. This site basically gave the finder to anyone with a resolution below 1280x1024! Do let us know how your tournament goes.

@Mike- congrats!

@Chris- Sounds like a transatlantic party off is in order!

Chris said...

I would organise it dude but the yanks always turn up a few years late for parties in Europe :D

jmezz382 said...

We need faster transport across the pond ... lol

Josiah Martin said...

Awesome! Thanks guys! I'll wear it with pride! (Except when my wife's mean friends who call my miniatures "dolls" are around... then I'll wear it underneath another shirt with pride!)

shadowking said...

great pod cast, agree Stuarts are a nigthmare to fight and i was told this by a guy who had a complete Stuart comp army " you shoot and destroy them as easy as a sherman and I get twice as many" very good rules talk again instructive, a request please do an assult section rules talk through? I get it but your explnations are very good and mostly reiterate what players know but would be good to hear you guys work through it.


Kage said...

great podcast again guys.

Love the battlefoam review. I love mine. I even got the Panzer Lehr special one, and its great.

and the bystander guy...I've played a million different board games and there is always that one guy. I hate that guy.

keep up the good work.

CA$H said...

Once again, a joy to listen to - loving the new "Section" format!

Lee said...

Great podcast,got me through another day at work cheers lads.


Luke said...

Checked out your blog. That is an incredible paint job! Great work.

Todd R said...

I'm halfway through ep 11. Great stuff. Wow, modeldads is an incredible looking site and their batreps, speechless. That is a ton of work and a you said, someone thee knows design cause it is a well laid out site. Amazing.

Firefly - it's up there as best tv ever. I wish they could've had a few more episodes to fill in a couple storylines.

Finally, that episode with the galatica entering the atmosphere - I was awed by that.

You guy help the commute go a little easier.

Luke said...

Listening to podcasts on a long drive are the way to go. I drive an hour each way to work, so I ahve been clocking some serious podcast time.

Lee said...

cheers luke,All FOW inspiration from WWPD.


ggoddard426 said...

I have an idea for you guys for future podcasts. I think you should start "Challege at the Man Cave" whereby you invite listeners from out side your area to play one of you at the Man Cave or a local gameshop. Record the guest and you discussing a synopsis of the game.

I think it would be very interesting for you to interview FOW gamers from all over and I think a lot will come to Richmond to seize on their 15 minutes of fame.

If I ever fly out from Hawaii to D.C., I'd personally like to challenge you. Closest I am going to get this year is Army War College at Carlisle in July.

Colonel G

Red Star said...

Great episode, I really wanted to do a Stuart comp but my friend somehow found a 7AD box and convinced me to take up arms for king and country... Looking forward for a review on the British infantry and armored so I can learn more!

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