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Thursday, January 13, 2011

WWPD News From the Front Episode 10

"That mic is a little hot… "
The Gang's all here! Steven, Jon, Joe, and Luke sit down and chat it up in their longest episode yet! The gang talks about their recent gaming exploits, bringing new players into FoW, complain about unpainted miniatures, and talk about US Rifles: from "The Bedford Boys" to the US Rifles in FoW!

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 0:14 - N00B ZONE!- Artillery
  • 0:35 - "Tiger" review by Max from Fire For Effect
  • 0:40 - How To Bring New Players into FoW
  • 0:50 - "Aaaarrrrggghhhhhh"- Unpainted minis
  • 1:10 - Jon's Review of "The Bedford Boys"
  • 1:10 - Jon's Review of "The Bedford Boys"
  • 1:26 - US Rifles

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CWF Gamecast:
The D6 Generation:
Fire For Effect:
The Bedford Boys: On Amazon

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Hein said...

Some interesting things discussed.
One problem though. For me it is way too long.
English is not my native language and i have to listen and concentrate to follow it. I can't sit down and follow it all on the background. After a while it becomes tiring and boring if you have to do that for a longer time.
But hey it is your podcast, you can do watever you like.

indierockclimber said...

Hein- I appreciate your thoughts. Let me ask you- do you listen to other podcasts? I ask because the large majority of podcasts that come out bi-weekly are actually far longer than ours.

We could artificially break it up by recording multiple episodes in one day, but then the 2nd episode would not catch any current topics.

Probably the best gaming podcast out there is The D6 Generation. Their episodes average 3.5 hours. The trick isn't to expect to listen to it all at once- I break it up over the course of a full week typically while painting.

Hein said...

Sorry if i sounded a bit negative. And to be honest no i don't listen to other podcasts.
I already break it up when i listen to it. But still i can't listen to it as background when painting for example. It would become even harder to do so when 2 or more people are speak at the same time.
See it this way.
I understand, write, speak English at an average level. Not to good not to bad. Now lets say it is the same for you but instead of English it is Dutch.
Now i place a podcast up on web spoken in Dutch. You now will probably face the same problems. You need your full attention to the podcast to follow it. Even if you break it up in parts.
When the podcast becomes longer there will be a point that you won't listen anymore to the last parts of the podcast because your tired of it that you have to sit down and have to concentrate yourself to listen to it if you want to understand what is said. While you rather sit and do some painting or something else.

But like i said i only speak for myself.

Scary Biscuits said...

Excellent. I really enjoyed Jon's review of Bedford Boys. It is really an excellent book and I can't echo his recommendation enough!

But, it did make me suddenly realize that I now have to watch what I say about Johnny Rebs on my blog (being a thoroughbred Minnesota Yankee) as I'm currently working on a Civil War army. :)

Scary Biscuits said...

Oh and you forgot to mention the best thing about the 60mm mortar: it's direct-fire firepower of 3+. This allows it so nail HMGs and anti-tank guns. I've used them to take down 88s, Pak40s, and countless HMG nests. In fact, in my armored rifles and normal rifles, I consider bazookas more expendable than the mortar!

indierockclimber said...

You're absolutely right- the 60mm is really underrated. I blame the guys for wanting to move too fast :) I absolve myself of blame! That being said in the actual US Rifles I rarely have used them in direct fire. With Armored Rifles though, my 60mm mortars are always cleaning up!

Duncan said...

Another good podcast. I really like the book review, I will put that one on my list to read after I finish with Iron Hulls, Iron Hearts.

The US rifle discussion was good -- I have just started painting some US rifles, they will be Glider Infantry first for a Market Garden Campaign but I will probably build them into a regular infantry comapy at some point in time.

On Tournament games -- I have played in some FOW tournaments and enjoyed them but the main reason I don't play in them mucch is that I really don't want to play any one game for more than about 5 hours at a stretch

indierockclimber said...

Thanks Duncan, glad you enjoyed it. I agree- you have to be ready for the long haul in tournaments. Nationals is SEVEN games back to back to back over three days. By the third day I truly did not care about FoW anymore. It's a feat of endurance :)

ggoddard426 said...

Thanks for giving me something to listen to while I paint. I like your section explaining rules for newbies, but you made an error in your explanation of rolling for hits under the template. You said to roll separately for the infantry team, gun team, and command team. This is incorrect. You roll for each type of team (infantry, gun, tank, or transport). See P. 130 of the MRB. Also, Phil explains the rationale for this on p.60 of MALFTF. Suggest you make a correction in your next broadcast before some noob at a tournament says "but the uys on WWPD said..."

Glenn (Baghdaddy)

Andy said...

Stevie Mac!?!? I really loved your single "Stand Back!" And you got drawers to organize your stuff? Bet that's comfortable!

Listening to the podcast while painting my 29th ID Assault Division. Length is fine for me-- could even stand more.

Savage World is kind of like GURPS? Also, 6th grade Geometry is kind of like differential calculus. Both are fine and both work, but one is easy and accessible and the other is some heavy lifting. You can have fun with either, depending on your tastes.

I love my Terrain Guy grass mat.

I liked N00B ZONE! I'm essentially a n3wb and always appreciate the rules tips you guys go over. Even without the N00B ZONE! you went over fully armored vehicles, etc... which was great.

Luke's bocage-- do I get some sort of commission on these plugs? Or a discount on future product?

Bedford Boys-- thought this was great, too, and really appropriate for me as I was painting the 2nd section of my 29th as I listened. I've heard about the book before but I didn't realize it was the 116th Infantry. I'll have to check it out. I just finished Beyond the Beachhead which is a great book on the 29th. It was very readable and fit nicely between the tedious operational books Jon mentioned and the solely touchy-feely humanity-soaked books.

Figures as kids-- I didn't have any idea of gaming with figures. I had the green army men but I mostly burned them up. ;-) Painting Tamiya 1/35 and unknown 1/72 figures with Testor enamel paints left quite an impression. I still want to paint my German gas mask cans silver, which was what the painting guide I had as a kid said!!

shadowking said...

Wonderful stuff again, FOW you guys have enhanced my knowledge and ensured and retified lots of points regarding rules. Love the chat and views, us wargamers do as you state all think alike in the end.


indierockclimber said...

@goddard- I think you misinterpreted. The example was if there was a gun platoon under the template with a command team (infantry). You'd roll seperately for the command team not because he is a command team but because he is the only infantry team in the platoon under the template. But perhaps we were unclear on it (though I just listened again and think it was fairly easy to follow despite our beer ingestion :) ). Thanks for keepin us honest though!

Andy- When you don't roleplay at all, sure Savage Worlds is like GURPS, right? The mechanics are wildly different but the idea is the same.

As for the bocage- I'm sure Luke could be talked into something :)

@Shadowking- thanks my firend, glad you're enjoying it!

Dirty Jon said...

@Andy - Beyond the Beachhead is also an excellent book. May I also suggest Omaha Beach and Beyond: The Long March of Sergeant Bob Slaughter.

Pete said...

I will second Jons recommendation for Omaha Beach and Beyond: The Long March of Sergeant Bob Slaughter. I have it currently sitting in a place of pride on my (overcrowded!) WW2 bookshelf.

But really, you can't go wrong with a good healthy dose of Keegan.

Basecoat101 said...

Another great podcast.
I echo Andy in enjoying the Noob zone and request Ambush as the next topic for discussion. What can and cannot ambush and where and when to ambush.
Book reviews were excellent. Keep em coming.

As for length on podcast.. Keep going till you think your done. Like you said we can always break it up when listening. You and the crew drop FOW knowledge like no other.
God had Moses.
Battlefront has Steve.

indierockclimber said...

@Basecoat- discussing Ambush is a great idea. We also have recon troops on the docket- they may work as a combo. We'll see what we can do.

Also: "God had Moses. Battlefront has Steve." made me laugh out loud at work. Thanks for that!

Kage said...

Very cool, I've never been much for listening to pod casts, but I enjoyed it.

2 things.

#1 - The new years resolution is funny as hell. I was sure i was the only one who did that. I will never paint all my stuff, but I just keep buying more and more. My wife didn't think it was so funny.

#2 - I can't remember who said it but I disagree with the comment about 88's not belonging in a panzer company.

Those tactics were used by the Germans all the time, especially in the desert. Rommel used his tanks to draw allied Armour to his 88's. After all Rommel was the one who first used 88's as AT guns in France I think.

I bet it even happened in Russia when the Germans were on the retreat.

So, I think 88's very much should be in Panzer companies.

Keep up the great work guys, I will definitely start to follow you more.

Maybe I should make my blog name be
What would Rommel do? ;]

indierockclimber said...

@kage- yes, isn't it funny how we're all alike?

As for the 8.8s in a panzerkompanie- I agree completely historically speaking. But in terms of building a competetive (and in EW- dare I say playable?) tank army list, 8.8s are an anchor. In mid and late war they're affordable, in EW they are ridiculously pricey and overkill to the extreme. Combine that with their abysmal mobility and you have a losing platoon option for EW armor.

I don't think 8.8s get the respect they deserve in FoW- until they ambush a trained tank unit ;)

Luke said...


I am already plotting the "What Didn't Rommel Do" site. Sorry you're too late, but thanks for listening and I like the way you think.

I picked up 8.8's and have yet to use them effectively, but I do not think I played them correctly in my list.

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