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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Working on the blog's usability some

This dog picture has nothing to do with the content of this post.
Over the next few days you will see some slight changes to the blog's layout.  I've added a "posts index" to the navigation along the top to make finding some specific articles easier.  This is in addition to the battle report index (which is still the bread and butter of this blog), and the Podcast Index (which has been an absolute blast to do here lately!).

I'll be cleaning up the navigation column on the right as well, making it a little more useful and less clunky. I toyed with the idea of widening the right hand column at the expense of the "content" column, but ultimately since battle reports are still the backbone of this site, I greatly prefer the wide format to make sure the pictures are easily viewable in all their glory.  I *really* hate having to click on images to enlarge them or, even worse, the "light box" style.  Guh!  Form follows function around here I reckon.

I've been playing way too much Fallout 3.  Amazing game.  I have found time to get in a little bit of painting, but not a whole lot- I'll post pics soon!

Thanks again to everyone who follows this blog.  Please have a look at the post index and see if there's any neat articles you may have missed!  Just 4 followers away from breaching 100- that will be a very exciting moment for me!  I'll have to think of something special to celebrate the occasion with the readers :)  Again, thank you all for continuing to follow WWPD- it keeps me going!

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