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Monday, January 10, 2011

What to do with all those game mats?

On Sunday I solved a problem. I have 6 game mats, and 2 more on the way (which I will review in a later post!). My problem was storing them. Rolled up they are still 4' long and my game room being essentially a spare bedroom, there was no good spot to store these mats (too wide for a shelf, and too flimsy to support their own weight when stored vertically).

So, how did I solve it, you ask? Simple: Clamps + coat Hangers + game room closet. Let me show you:

Ingredients: Clamps, Coat Hangar, cute girl (optional).
Look for the clamps with weaker springs so they don't damage the mats. These are 2" springs and are still a little rough- there is a noticable indention on the felt mats but it does disappear after a few minutes.

Step 1- Roll up your mats!

Step 3- Clamp them to the coat hangar.

Step 4- Hang 'em high!

Very easy solution to the problem. Cost all of $12 bucks, and I bought enough to allow my mat collection to expand.

Do you have any silly ways of storage?

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