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Monday, January 10, 2011

What to do with all those game mats?

On Sunday I solved a problem. I have 6 game mats, and 2 more on the way (which I will review in a later post!). My problem was storing them. Rolled up they are still 4' long and my game room being essentially a spare bedroom, there was no good spot to store these mats (too wide for a shelf, and too flimsy to support their own weight when stored vertically).

So, how did I solve it, you ask? Simple: Clamps + coat Hangers + game room closet. Let me show you:

Ingredients: Clamps, Coat Hangar, cute girl (optional).
Look for the clamps with weaker springs so they don't damage the mats. These are 2" springs and are still a little rough- there is a noticable indention on the felt mats but it does disappear after a few minutes.

Step 1- Roll up your mats!

Step 3- Clamp them to the coat hangar.

Step 4- Hang 'em high!

Very easy solution to the problem. Cost all of $12 bucks, and I bought enough to allow my mat collection to expand.

Do you have any silly ways of storage?


chuck said...

Great advice! I will try it for my homegrown felt mats.

JMHahn said...

Some wooden hangers might well help those poor sagging plastic ones =)

I don't suppose you have any suggestions for a late winter/spring mat? I've been searching around lately and I get the impression the model railroad "stretchable" vinyl mats aren't really made to be reused but stapled in place.

indierockclimber said...

haha yeah I actually moved them to 2 mats per hangar. Unfortunately, I'm not sure where you could go. Have you tried "Hotz Mats"? They've made a few of mine and I am happy with them. They take a really long time though.

JMHahn said...

Worth a shot-- my gears are definitely spinning. I might look into a custom mat.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Beccas said...

Hang them on the trouser coat hangers that already come with clips. Easier.

jmilesr said...

I store my mats inside my table - it was built with a hinged top and has a 8' x 4' x 5" dimensioned storage space for mats and other bulky terrain pieces. The Top also doubles as a drafting table for my son's various robotics projects.

indierockclimber said...

Absolutely gorgeous table! Truly inspiring :)

@Beccas- I actually did try that originally and it worked swimmingly for my GW mats. The felt mats were a bit too thick, and the clips weren't sturdy enough to hold them up.

Gyro said...

Having too many mats is a great problem to have, nice storage solution.

I'll second the wooden hanger suggestion too, you could go back to three (or even four) mats per hanger with zero sagging.

Itinerant said...

Thanks for sharing. I'll try the wood hanger route. I wanted to place mine in a mailing tube, but they're hard to find at this size.

I'm fortunate to have a wife who supports my gaming. Your wife seems pretty cool in how she supports you. Does she game or have any hobbies that she focuses on?

indierockclimber said...

I thought about the mailing tubes as well, but just didn't have any on hand and liked the idea of using my hanging space :)

She is big into running and bad TV. She doesn't often pursue nerd hobbies, but she does roleplay on and off, and has played a few mini games. I also got her to play "Portal" on Xbox which was awesome.

Rabid Monkey said...

You say "Ingredients: Clamps, Coat Hanger, Cute Girl (optional)" but I'm pretty sure that cute girl is the most important ingredient :D

erwicker said...

Great advice! Thanks for sharing.

wooden coat hangers

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