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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welsh Guards vs. SS-Kampfgroup Spindler in Fighting Withdrawal

This Battle Report brought to you by Pete!

Here are some pics from a recent game pitting the cromwell-heavy Welsh Guards vs. some of Kampfgroup Spindler, supported by some nasty surprises!

1750 points

HQ Cromwells
Platoon 1 : 3 Cromwells, 1 Challenger
Platoon 2 : 2 Cromwells, 1 Challenger
Platoon 3 : 3 Cromwells
Platoon 4 : Column platoon (Mortars)
Platoon 5 : Stuart Recce Platoon
Platoon 6 : Guards Rifle Platoon

And now, on to the pics!

Read on for more! Warning, lots of pictures!


The Company Command takes aim at an SS Scout platoon!

Cromwells advance,and are ambushed by a platoon of Panthers.

The poor cromwells suffer at the hands of the Panthers, with the company commander barely holding on!

The Remaining Cromwells  push aggressively for the flanks and rear of the panthers, hoping to buy some time for the Company Commander to escape while taking one Panther down in the process!

The Guards Rifle platoon bravely crosses the river, blowing up an offending StuG with the PIAT.

The Rifle Platoon on the left flank pays for its transgressions and suffers five casualties on six hits. With the platoon command dead the Second in Command takes control of the platoon.

 And pushes into the Germans! Huzzah!

 The Stuarts come and help machine gun the remaining SS Panzergrenadiers guarding the objective, softening them up for the inevitable infantry assault.

 The Second in Command with the remnants of the Guards Rifle Platoon push on to the objective one turn before it was to be removed as per the mission rules. Just in the nick, lads!

All in all, a very very close game that came down to the last turn. Jims panthers, after killing all of my Cromwells on the right flank, moved onto the central objective and would have been impossible for me to remove with the loss of both of my Challengers.

Good game!

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