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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Video AAR: SS Panzergrenadiers vs British Rifles

Well, I wanted to try something different today. I'm not sure if this experiment is a success or a failure. Ultimately I am not a fan of the format, but it is kind of neat and maybe a little easier to follow? Please let me know how this measures up to other AARs!

Without further ado- I give you the first full video AAR from the WWPD crew!

PS- I forgot to mention that Sean had Stan Hollis in his list in the title.


robinoc said...

I applaud the production effort Steve, but I prefer the photos, though.

The shaky cam was hard to follow. I also like being able to scroll back and forth to double check positions via pics before the crucial turns. Finally, I like your narrative. They are funny at times!


Jade said...

It is nice to see something else. I like both formats. The video is a bit easier to follow.

JoeGuardsman said...

So you guys didn't play the attacker turn 8? I think you tripped yourself up in the wrong direction with that re-read.

Defender doesn't get a turn 8 because the last objective gets pulled up effectively and he wins but attacker has the first turn 8 so he gets that chance for the turn 8 objective or morale win.

indierockclimber said...

Yeah we did. I looked at the summary and didn't read the rule above that clearly indicates the attacker gets his turn 8. Still, I couldn't have grabbed the objective on turn 8 as you have to start a turn holding it. All I could've done was broken his company (I did have a decent chance of that though).

Oh well, no big. Was an awesome game!

Duncan said...

I think that was pretty good. I am not sure I would want to watch a lot of them because of the time involved but it was worth watching.

If you are going to do more I think you will need to find a way to keep the camera steady.

Todd R said...

I like both for the variety.

However, I wonder if video format is better for showing some in game play. Perhaps this would help noobs understand some of the more complex rules?

Whichever, I like the content you're producing.

One other thought about the After Action Report at the end. Perhaps that could start out focusing on the players, but then move back to the board to show the areas you're discussing.

JoeGuardsman said...

It definitely was a good game. I should have mentioned that part along with my criticism. I'd definitely watch any more that you put up. Fighting Withdrawal is one of my favorite missions.

indierockclimber said...

Thanks for all the comments guys! I think it's a format worth pursuing. Clearly the iPhone camera won't cut it as a long term solution, but it was neat to try out :) Next batrep I may try a combined approach. Maybe split the videos up turn by turn in addition to the text and the images. That might be a bit too much effort though!

Scary Biscuits said...

Brummbars,... le Sigh... :)

indierockclimber said...

Hey now, this is one of the most historical uses of them :)

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