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Saturday, January 22, 2011

US 1st ID hits Omaha Beach!


  • HQ
  • 4x Boat Sections
  • HMG Platoon
  • 2x 57mm Anti-Tank Gun Platoons
  • 5x DD Shermans
  • Ranger Platoon
  • 105mm Battery
  • Limited P-38 Lightning Air Support

  • HQ + 8cm Mortars + Panzerschreck + 2 panzerknackers
  • 2x Grenadier Platoons
  • Kamfgruppe 1 section from 1 grenadier platoon
  • HMG Platoon
  • 10.5cm Battery
  • 3x Marder III M


The view from the American's dirigibles.
The Germans start with both grenadier platoons on the board, and the 10.5cm battery. The Americans select their first wave as 3 boat sections, and the ranger platoon, along with the Sherman DDs.

bunkers are (roughly from left to right):
HMG Pillbox, 7.62 AT Pillbox, 3x Tobruk MG Pits, 2x R-35 turrets.

The preliminary bombardment starts!

The 10.5s lose 2 guns!

The naval bombardment is immediately followed up by an airstrike!


The infantry begin hitting the beach. 1 Sherman DD is swamped in the surf.

2 DDs do hit the beach, supporting the rangers and a boat section.


Rangers, lead the way!

P-38s hit the 105s, but the 105s escape unscathed thanks to their training!


The 10.5s fire their first of many succesful fire missions! One DD goes up in flames.

Turn two opens for the yanks, and another DD is swamped!

The first of the US rifles hit the sea wall!

Bazookas and Shermans knock out an R-35 bunker and a tobruk bunker with some well placed shots!

Another 105 barrage pins the yanks and shakes them up.

The beach is covered in the dead or dying.

The first AT gun platoon hits the beach, ready to pin enemy bunkers.

The US keep their heads down and suffer more casualties.

The last successful air support mission swoops in, but their bombs cannot hit their targets.

The beach thins out some as several platoons break.

But the losses are quickly replaced!

The 10.5s continue to hammer the men on the beach.

The Rifles hit the sea wall and take shelter in the shingle.

The 105s go into the breach!


In one fell swoop all of the barbed wire is removed!

The German 10.5s fire on their counterparts on the beach, and break the battery.

The first boat section clambers up the bluffs after taking heavy losses.

The first German reserves arrive- HMGs double time it forward.

The overzealous German platoon commander charges out of his trench, SMG blazing! The forward most boat section is annhilated!

The Americans have breached the wire and cleared many bunkers, but time is no longer on their side.

Another well placed 105 barrage nails another Sherman DD, and extracts heavy losses on the men on the beach.

The US morale begins breaking. Pete absolutely cannot unpin.

The one last chance for the yanks to take the trenches

But the defenders are not pinned down, and them combined with the tobruk pit directly behind them stop the American assault.

At this point the game is roughly turn 10, and Pete has had abysmal luck unpinning his troops (literally one platoon failed 7 checks in a row, with the CiC).

"Omaha is NOT secure! I repeat- NOT SECURE! No Draws open! Recommend diverting further waves to Utah. We are getting ham- ZZZZZZ"

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