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Monday, January 31, 2011

To Boldly Go...

Guys, I just have to say- the amazing showing of generosity from some of our listeners continues to astound me. After our segment in the last episode, we got both a box set for Starfleet Battles (from Chris Miller- better known as the tournament locator map guy) and 10 Trek ships from Craig Baxter! Thank you to both of you! I urge all of you to have a look at your unpainted or neglected lead and consider sending it on to a friend of yours- one man's forgotten lead may be another man's new favorite game!

I sat down to read the Starfleet Battles rules and found my eyes glazing over. It does seem quite complicated, but I can see how that can be very appealing. I may find something a bit more simple, perhaps a Star Trek Full Thrust ruleset (any suggestions?) but until then, here's a few pics I snapped of the great ships Craig sent!

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