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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Links of Interest

A lot of really great links in the last few days that I had to share.

Model Dads excellent battle report - Very gorgeous AAR.  It's an unbalanced scenario with very excellent formatting and pictures.  The models appear to still be works in progress, but they are clearly destined for greatness.  Expect some changes in my AARs based on these guys' beautiful work!  Kudos!

View From the Turret's Top Picks - A great list from a great group of guys.  They were kind enough to lump us in with the inimitable "D6 Generation", which is a massive compliment!

Best Games Not Yet Published - This is also by the guys from "View From the Turret".  Very excellent list of upcoming games and supplements.  If you're not following these guys- do yourself a favor and fix that!

Just a few links I wanted to share with the greater blog-o-world. Enjoy your weekend!

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