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Thursday, January 6, 2011

FoW AAR. 2nd SS Panzergrenadiers vs Motorstrelkovy in Counter Attack

Wow! What a ridiculous game. Tom and I rolled for our forces randomly, and rolled for our mission randomly. We came up with 2nd SS Trucked Panzergrenadiers vs Soviet Motorstrelkovy in Counter Attack.

Admittedly, I made some major mistakes both before and during the battle, and was severely punished for them! On the other hand, the battle was really cool looking and felt very "realistic".

2nd SS Panzergrenadiers
HQ + 2 fausts
Panzergrenadiers + Faust (deployed)
Panzergrenadiers + Faust (ambush)
Panzergrenadiers + Faust (reserve)
2x SS Tigers (reserve)
3x SS StuGs (reserve)
6 Barbed Wire, 6 Trenches, 2 HMG Nests

Soviet Motorstrelkovy
HQ + Battalion Kom.
1 Full str Motostrelkovy
1 Motorstrelkovy w/ 1 platoon (reserve)
9 T-34s + Dedov
3 IS-2
4 SU-85s
Spetznaz w/ 2 teams + German halftracks

Check out the board and force introduction.

The mission is Counter Attack- a mission neither Tom and I have ever played. Let me just say his infiltration was AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE. Check it out!

Deployment. Tom's Soviets start on the left and traveling clockwise: IS-2s, Big Motorstrelkovy & Spetz, T-34s, SU-85s. And I have 1 SS Panzergrenadier platoon holding it down!

Hold the line for the fatherland!


Top of turn one… after the infiltration. Gulp!

Bumper to bumper, shoulder to shoulder!

Here they come!

The Soviet Kommisar thrice had to shoot his own men to keep them moving.

The Germans fight back bravely.

So many bodies! The soviets almost break, but the Kommisar keeps them in it.

The 2nd Panzergrenadier platoon ambushes.

Top of Turn 2.

The Soviets have cracked the outer line.

And now the tanks exploit the breakthrough.

The infantry fight back valiantly, but fall to the T-34s.

One infantry stand remains…

And then fails it's sole survivor check. The Germans are left with nothing on the board!

Wow. 6-1 to Tom at the bottom of turn 2!

Clearly I made a LOT of mistakes. #1- the list isn't a great build, but I did put it in my random list of lists so it stands. #2- my god! That infiltration! #3- I could've put at least 1 armor unit on the board. #4- Why did I spring my pathetic ambush?? Tom couldn't win till turn 4, giving me time for some reserves. Still, it was an awesome game!

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