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Saturday, January 22, 2011

British Paratroopers vs German Panzergrenadiers in Seize & Hold (Bocage and LOTS of pics)


  • HQ + 2 8cm Mortars + 1 Panzerfaust
  • 3x Panzergrenadier Platoons
  • HMG Platoon
  • 5x Panzer IV H
  • 2x Stug G
  • Nebelwerfer Battery
  • Armored SPAA

  • HQ + 2 PIATS + Frost
  • 2x Paratrooper Platoons
  • Assault Platoon
  • Glider Pilot Platoon
  • 6pdr AT Gun Platoon
  • 17pdr AT GUn Platoon
  • 75mm Pack Howitzer Battery + Corps Artillery Support
  • Mortar Battery


Jon and Pete had an absolutely viscious battle today in the bocage. The game went on so long that I don't really feel like doing a full AAR. But, in the spirit of completeness I will post the pictures and let them do all the talking. The mission was Seize and Hold.

Here's the battle summary: Jon's reserves arrived in the absolute worst position despite having his pathfinder in the bottom right, only one of his eight platoons arrived down there! In the end Jon's mortar platoon got ripped up by Pete's Stugs. Jon also lost a para platoon and the 17 pounders in a combined assault by 2 panzergrenadier platoons. Pete lost his nebelwerfers, a panzergrenadier platoon, his SPAA, and a handful of Panzer IVs. In the end, time was called after several hours of brutal combat as the two duked it out on the central objective.

In hindsight, having them play a big bocage battle on a 6x4 board with infantry companies was probably not the best idea. What follows is every single picture taken of the game because I don't feel like going through it and writing my thoughts. It was exhausting enough to watch :)




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