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Monday, June 28, 2010

NAC vs NSL clash at Antarres



Hostile vessels were detected in orbit of Antarres VII. Long Range scans indicated one capital ship and a number of Escorts. All Ships set on intercept course.

RNS BB Alexis
RNS CH Archer
RNS CH Bladerunner
RNS CH Retribution
RNS CL Stargazer
RNS CL Constitution

KRS BB Kursk
KRS CH Kapsweyer
KRS CH Luxemburg
KRS CL Faust Des Zorns
KRS CL Admiral Von Troden
KRS CL Sheroda

Database Cross Ref indicates the Admiral Von Troden was involved in the battle over Omicron Persii VII.

The NAC Battle group was split into two operational squadrons. The 3 Heavy Cruisers split, and the BB and light cruisers formed a second group, performing an envelopment maneuver around the planet. The enemy fleet was scattered and destroyed piece-meal.

In all, the NSL lost 2 light cruisers, while surrendering the 3rd. The Faust Des Zorns and Admiral Von Troden were destroyed, and the Sheroda captured by friendly boarding parties. The enemy capital ship and the heavy cruiser Luxemburg were both severely damaged, but escaped with FTL. Both ships can be expected to need several weeks in dry dock before they are operational again.

In return, the Light Cruiser Constitution was severely damaged, but escaped under FTL for repairs. All 3 heavy cruisers sustained moderate damage, but were largely operational. Both the Alexis and the Stargazer were mostly unharmed.

The fleet has jumped out of the system with the captured Light Cruiser and intend to rendezvous with fleet command Omega to await further orders.

Admiral MacLauchlan out.

*more pics after the break*

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The Talented Tomwise and his Tiger Totalitarianism

Those of you who play Flames of War already know the name Tom Wise if you've ever spent more than a few minutes on the forum. The man is a painting machine well known for buying and painting every single option from an entire book. He does them quickly, and the results are beautiful. Frankly, all at once it's awe inspiring, frustrating, and bizarre. Tom has a really clean style, and I've "acquired" most of his techniques in my own painting (namely the black lining with an artist pen). In addition to being a ridiculously prolific (not to mention highly talented) painter, Tom is a great player and all around good guy to hang around with.

For those of you who are somewhat unfamiliar with Flames of War, a typical game consists of 2 forces each "costing" between 1500 and 2000 points each. Most of my battle reports are between 2 1750pt forces.

Tom's Tigers taken as Heer (Standard German army) add up to close to 90,000 points. Taken as SS (Fearless German troops) they add up to well over 100,000. My entire collection of every single Flames of War model doesn't come close to this number, and this is just one of Tom's numerous ridiculous collections!

Anyways, enough with the introduction, here's some of his work reprinted here with his permission.

A snippet of Tom's original post follows after the break

*Every Allied Tanker's Claim*
Every German Tank was a Tiger...

There are 339 Tigers on the table.
102 - King Tigers.
237 - Tiger I's


To see Tom's complete post, visit the FOW forum here: http://www.flamesofwar.com/Default.aspx?tabid=126&aff=10&aft=516159&afv=topic&afpgj=1#670246 (requires a login)

Also take a look through his Photobucket here

Thanks Tom for letting me repost these here!

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

NAC vs NSL Patrols near Persii Omicron VII

Dusted off the old Full Thrust miniatures and refereed a battle between Admiral Lydia and Commander Sean. Each fleet was comprised of one light cruiser, 2 destroyers, and 3 frigates.

Brief report and pics after the break!

The NSL Patrol in far orbit of Persii Omicron VII.

The Light Cruiser KRS Kesselring

Long Range sensors indicate 6 targets coming out of FTL!

The RNS Constitution leads a small strike force of NAC Ships.

Accelerate to attack speed!

Helm, bring us about. Gunnery- get me a firing solution!

Targets coming into range!

The KRS fleet begins taking fire!

The Battle is on! The void is filled with beam blasts.

The RNS Stargazer takes catastrophic damage and goes down. The KRS Leopold takes heavy damage and begins venting.

The Leopold finally goes down.

Another NAC Frigate is lost with all hands.

The NAC lose another Destroyer, and the order is given to jump away.

Ultimately the NAC lose two frigates and a destroyer. The NSL lose a Destroyer.

Again, I am reminded that the NAC just cannot go toe to toe with the NSL, and unfortunately on a 6x4 table there just isn't room for the NAC to utilize their superior thrust.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

New page

I have added a new page detailing my painting backlog. I trust you, dear readers, to keep me on task :). Currently i am working my way through some Panzer IVs. Those battlefront PIVs are really quite fiddley. I'll be sure to post pics once I am done.
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Scratch Built Gallows and other Detritus

I haven't scratch built too many buildings in my day, but I just had to try my hand at a Gallows for Legends of the Old West. I plan to add a noose made from some heavy thread, but I was happy with the way this came out. I also painted up a bunch of detritus to add life to the games by making the town look a little more lived in.

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My sister is seriously an amazng artist!

Sean and I played through "Orpheus" (which is an absolutely phenomenal game put out by White Wolf a few years back).

In it, the player characters are living people who can "project" their spirits and interact with ghosts. The game follows a very cinematic meta plot that gets really really epic. In one of the more dramatic sequences, a player character (Retired Detective John Grimms who sees himself as a film noir detective while projected, since your own image (for better or worse) in your mind's eye of yourself shapes your physical characteristics) discovers that *something* is attempting to tear through the shroud. The shroud (or storm wall) which is the barrier between the lands of the living and dead is cracking, and John sees across the shroud and is horrified to witness an evil looking spectral army assembling in the shadowlands.

Please go look at her blog for more amazing artwork! Tito's Jams Link
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Mid War Night Assault- Bersaglieri vs Motor Infantry

My first outing with my Bersaglieri! Sean and I hadn't played FOW together in a long time, and I knew he was still rusty so I felt pretty good about this game. I was also excited to get my Bersaglieri out for the first time since my Italian armor had so far been undefeated.

We rolled for the mission and got "Night Assault". I was feeling less confident- My Bersaglieri list is really suited to defense with a strong counter punch, not an all out brawl for a central objective!

3x Full Motor Inf Platoons
Scout Patrol
8 GUn RHA Battery
2x Grant Troops
Humber III Patrol

2x Bersaglieri Groups (full sans Solothurns)
75mm Cannon platone
5x M14/41s
Semovente 75s
lancia Heavy AAA

The Italians line up. Both Italian objectives are visible (Burnt Crusader, supply depot).

Semoventes, Lancias, Bersaglieri.

Cannons. Also my wife looking creepy at the edge of the camera flash while checking out my Italians.

and in this corner- the British!

Grants weight the center. The RHA deploys across the front.

So many Englanders! Oh wait, I'm not German. Inglese?

The board. The objective in the dead center also happens to be atop a craggy structure! This Night Assault just became a King of the Hill.

The Inglese make their recon move. Going is slow at night.

The Italians get the first turn and send their Bersaglieri forth! Avanti Savoia!

Semoventes provide some backbone, with Lancias lining up shots.

The Carri attempt to sneak around some terrain.

Semovente and Bersaglieri hold the center.

The British move out!

The Grants- what I wouldn't do for some bi-planes right now!

British Infantry, Artillery, and Armored cars.

The Italians start moving up the cliffside.

Semovente cautiously move forward.

The Carri platone sneak right up on an RHA observer

The British move up the other side! The fight for the hill is on!

The British move up hoping to assault, but their fire fails to knock out the two HMGs directly in front of them, much less pin the Bersaglieri.

Grants move into the scrub

The RHA observer calls fire down directly on himself! The murder knocks out one M14, and bails another. The RHA observer's carrier is also bailed. The Observer was later awarded a VC for valour.

Scouts charge forward MGs blazing just as the morning sun crests the horizon!

But the Italian rebuttal is swift. In one quick round, the English lose a Motor Infantry and their scouts. The Elefintino guns of the Bersaglieri prove viscious against thin armor.

The M14s make their way past the terrain and MG the Motor Infantry. At this point Capitano MacLauchlantini is feeling pretty confident.

Semoventes and Grants begin exchanging fire.

The RHA calls in a stonk on the Italians causing light casualties.

The Semoventes and Grants duke it out.

And the Semovente come out on the losing side. I got cocky with them due to their past excellent performance. I also rolled them as trained, which makes a *huge* difference.

Long range fire from the Grants knock out another M14 and bails another putting them below half.

Further fire from the RHA continues to hammer the Bersaglieri

The Italians rally and move up the hill. Cannon fire is called in on the Grants, while a bogged Grant that got left behind is sniped in the flank by a Lancia.

The other Bersaglieri move out.

The Grants now prove to be nearly impervious to anything the Italians can throw at them (except for the one burning Grant thanks to the lancias)

The English kill the Bersaglieri platoon commander, who valiantly arises from the sand as the Unknown Hero!

The battle for the hill is bloody. Both sides pull back to regroup.

The English move up, solidly holding their ground.

Grants move out to engage the remaining M14s.

Another M14 and Semovente fall to the concentrated fire from the Grants.

Another Stonk decimates the Bersaglieri!

The Semoventes are wiped out.

The Carri are wiped out.

Having nothing but gun teams remaining, and no units anywhere near the center objective, the Italians give their famous salute and throw in the towel.

Congrats to Sean on a well played victory. I thought the Italians had it in the bag from the get go, and after losing two platoons early I think so did he. But this yet again proves that persiverence is an absolute necessity in flames of war.

I think this will be an ongoing grudge match since these lists are well balanced against each other.
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