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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

WWPD News From the Front Episode 9

"Jon's drinking a 40… again"

Steven and Luke sit down with newcomer Dirty Jon and have a good time talking about 2010 and the looming 2011. Not a lot of "crunchy" material covered here- think of this as the end of the year special minus songs and clips. Jon talks about his trip to Europe, the guys talk about what armies they plan to work on, and just generally talk Flames of War.

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Sixes To Hit said...

Hey guys, great episode! Steve and Luke great as always, and John was really cool too. Get more of him in the new year!
All the best for you guys in the new year and looking forward to more podcasts through 2011!
Oh by the way (I got corrected on this a few weeks ago) it's Wiking (pronounced with a V)

Scary Biscuits said...

My pick for book of the year is Stalin's Europe. I simply cannot believe how infatuated Ive become with Romanians. I think Wayne has done an excellent job with the history, maps and armies in this book! Dogs and Devils is a close second, as it really breathed new life into American lists.

As for my miniature pick, I'd have to go with Graebner's reinforced trucks (was that this year?) They are perfect for all sorts of modelling opportunities.

New Years Resolutions:
1. Learn to be content with the result of a painting project so I can move on to a new one! I get too bogged down in adding that one more paint stroke...

2. Finish my Brest or Bust project,which includes 3 companies:
US Rifle Company (US 2nd "Indianhead" Division)
Task Force A
Bodenstandig Grenadierkompanie (343rd Infantry Division w/ fortifications)

(I'm recording my slow progress here:

3. Finish my Romanians and Beutepanzerkompanie.

4. Start up my British Paras (Jon got me re-inspired to try them again)

5. Build a "Northern Europe" gaming table.

There are many, many more...
Keep up the great podcasts!

Auckland, NZ

indierockclimber said...

Thanks Mike! Great stuff on your blog- consider me a new follow!

Brest or Bust sounds like a good project. The Task Force A list looks like it could be a boatload of fun. Good luck in 2011!

Theterrainguy said...

My Anniversary is during Historicon and my wife came along. All hope is not lost for your friend.

Check out Total Battle Miniature for buildings. I got them and will be doing a review on them.

Scary Biscuits said...

Its an honor Steve, Thanks!

indierockclimber said...

@TheTerrainGuy- that is pretty impressive. Think she'll go for that every year?

@Mike- believe me my friend, the honor is mine! Thanks for all the awesome work you've done at BF, the books have truly gotten better and better every release!

shadowking said...

love the pod cast, regarding the time to set up. we played a 6k a side game, and the total war rules is you get 20 mins to set up after that its reserves, and 5 mins work out, it worked like you said and for me is perfect.

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