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Saturday, December 18, 2010

WWPD News From the Front Episode 8

EPISODE 8 "Keep Calm, Carry On"

Steven and Luke sit down and give an in-depth AAR of their recent tournament experience in Delaware. They talk Luftwaffe and British Rifles, before diving in on some rules discussions. Ultimately a very light weight, Flames of War centric episode. Sit down, grab a cup of coffee, and join the discussion!


  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 0:01 - Beyond Books Tournament AAR
  • 0:42 - Quick break & silly advert
  • 1:03 - Luftwaffe & British Infantry brief discussion
  • 1:14 - Rules discussion "Shooting Was Too Succesful"
  • 1:19 - Rules discussion "Scattered Reserves"
  • 1:33 - Rules discussion "double-bailed in assault"
  • 1:40 - Wings of War impressions

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Duncan said...

Another good podcast!

I had always used the "center point rule" for scattered reserve but looking at the rules I don't think that is correct (I think it makes more sense but I don't think it is the way the rules are written).

The discussion of "Shooting too Succesful" was good as well.

indierockclimber said...

Thanks Duncan! That's weird to hear that people are interpreting that rule as using a "center point" I've never run into that before.

Thanks for listening! My wife is anxious to know what people thought of her "commercial". It was hard to record because I was laughing so hard. I had her just write down 10 words she knows are associated with FOW and those are what she came up with hahaha

Duncan said...

I really like the commercial -- I thought it was quite funny

kazrok said...

Another great podcast. As a new player I really enjoy the rules discussions. The commercial was great!

CA$H said...

Keep up the excellent work guys - you are an inspiration to my group of friends and our fledgling start to FoW!

Sixes To Hit said...

Great stuff guys!
I started listening to your podcasts the other week, but as christmas came around, I didn't have time to finish them off (kids/wife/family etc). So over the last two nights I painted with you guys in the background, and I have to say it's been brilliant listening! I think you should step up your podcast to 3 broadcasts a day so when I paint at nights I have something to listen too :P
Anyway, great stuff, keep up the good work, and I'll continue to listen and comment along the way!


indierockclimber said...

Thanks Sixes, glad you're enjoying it! If it were up to me we'd record at least weekly, but it looks like we're settling into a bi-weekly routine. Next episode will hopefully be out by the end of the week.

Sixes To Hit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sixes To Hit said...

Bi-weekly is probably a good call (I'm just being greedy and want more!), that way you have more to talk about, so far the content and quality have been awesome.
I've been playing FoW for about a year or so now, and one of the great things about listening to you guys is when you mention a rule or a game you played and it makes me go check the rule book and kind of go "Oh yeah! I didn't know that!".
The only thing that makes me sad is that you guys seem to get a lot more tournaments and cons than we do over here in England!
Anyways, congratulations on a great Podcast and all the best to you (and the rest of the guys) for the new year!


Eric said...

The original "Encounter" Mission was called "meeting engagment" and it did have defined points of entry. I will send you copy of the 2005 mission BF took it from. Its probably the old timers remeber thats how it was done.


stoneapples said...

Love the episodes catching up on the old ones so I hope you read this.

Where is your British list from, I like it.

indierockclimber said...

Hi, thanks! Glad you're enjoying them :)

I believe the list is from Fortress Europe, though I don't recall 100%.

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