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Thursday, December 9, 2010

French Escadron De Recon' vs Czech Panzers in Hasty Attack

Alright guys, got a hell of a battle report here. Took a ton of pics. Not sure why, but some of them came out rather poor (I blame the poor lighting in my game room. I need to get on that).

Tom and I ran an Early War battle tonight. I gave my French Escadron De Reconaissance one more shot (I am really really liking this army), and Tom ran his 38(t) list.

We rolled for the mission and came up with Hasty Attack.

HQ Hotchkiss H39 w/ long gun
3 Platoons with 5 Panhard AMD-35 ea
Recon Platoon w/ 3 Hotchkiss H-39 (one long)
4x SOMUA S-35
Colonial Infantry Platoon (Fearless Trained)
Mechanized Infantry Platoon (MG Teams, CT)
75mm Battery

HQ 2 38(t)s
3 38(t)
4 38(t)
4 38(t)
4 Panzer II F
Light Pioneers
**Kamfgrupped 1 38(t) from ea platoon of 4 to form 4 platoons of 3**

Deployment. Tom started with light pios, and 2 38(t) platoons. I started with 75s, colonial infantry, 1 Hotchkiss H39 platoon, and the SOMUAs (in immediate ambush).

The objectives are in the bottom right on the hill, bottom center in the woods, and top left in MIRKWOOD. Seriously, that huge copse of trees in the top left was evil.

My 75mm guns inaugural battle.

Hotchkiss H39 back up the Colonial infantry, deployed far forward.

Pioneers deploy in MIRKWOOD.

38(t)s get ready to roll out.

The SOMUAs make their appearance.

The SOMUA Platoon leader makes ready for the German advance.

The Hotchkiss along with the French Company Commander move to the edge of Mirkwood, threatening Tom's objective.

Stukas swoop down on the SOMUA platoon leader!

But fail to hit their target!

38(t)s are drawn into Mirkwood, to discourage a bold French assault.

Top of turn 2.

The SOMUA platoon leader lines up his tank in overwatch.

The French Company Commander makes a shift and heads right for the SOMUAs.

75s cut their teeth, bailing 1 38(t).

Bottom of 2. Note the Hotchkiss recon on the left flank has retreated (succesfully broken off from incoming fire from the 38(t)s.

More Stukas swoop in, trying to catch a French tank moving through the infantry!

38(t)s begin pouring through the wheatfield as the first German reserves arrive!

Bombs explode all around, but fail to do any damage.

38(t)s mass up, while mitigating return fire from the SOMUAs.

Top of 3.

75s range in on the 38(t)s in Mirkwood, but do no lasting damage.

The SOMUAs form a battle line, ready for the 38(t)s.

Bottom of 3.

And now, Mirkwood comes alive! All 4 of Tom's 38(t)s bog this turn!

The SOMUAs are now in a fire fight with the 38(t)s.

Top of 4.

The 75s repeat their bombardment, and knock out a 38(t)! With 2 bogged, and 1 dead this forces a check- which Tom fails! The 38(t)s quit the field!

SOMUAs score a hit on one 38(t), knocking it out.

Bottom of 4. Note that another 38(t) platoon has arrived from reserve in the top right (the one that lost a 38(t) in the previous turn).

Panzer IIs arrive from reserve.

38(t)s roll out, and line up shots on the 75s on the hill, but fail to do any damage!

Top of 5.

Panhards arrive from reserve, and open up on the Panhards!

The camera is blurry because of a shockwave form an exploding 38(t). Though few are knocked out, many 38(t)s are bailed, and bogged!

The French recon is feeling ballsy, and races into the woods! One pioneer stand is knocked out, and then retreats!

Bottom of 5.

Stukas finally claim a kill, and knock out a 75!

Panzer IIs are committed to the battle in Mirkwood.

Top of 6.

The trees come alive and grab the two Hotchkiss platoons! The Colonial infantry moves out to try and rescue them.

More reserves arrive- Panhards race up the right flank.

On the right, another platoon of Panhards rushes into the traffic jam, lining up shots on 38(t)s.

Bottom of 6. Tom has moved out in the right just to get a single team across the halfway point- but has left his 38(t)s vulnerable!

Panzer IIs move up, MGs blazing.

Stukas bail a Panhard on the left flank.

Panzer IIs assault in Mirkwood!

The French colonials breakoff.

Rays of light shine down on the Germans as they assault the Hotchkiss platoon!

But find the sole remaining tank is not going out without a fight!

Finally the pioneers knock out the Hotchkiss, but at a cost of 3 stands!

Top of 7. The Germans have now lost 1 38(t) platoon, and french have lost the hotchkiss recon platoon.

Panhards, 75s, and SOMUAs continue tearing into the 38(t)s.

Panhards use their superior road mobility to flank the Czech panzers!

On the left flank, the Panhards move to hook around MIRKWOOD.

French Colonials face an overwhelming force!

The 38(t)s are losing the shootout 1 tank at a time.

38(t)s are in bad shape.

The right flank is a solid French victory.

Bottom of 7. Tom is at half now, but still in it! A single 38(t) survives on the right flank, while his pioneers and Panzer IIs command MIRKWOOD on the left.

The last surviving 38(t) fails to remount.

Panzer IIs move out!

Pioneers assault the French Colonials!

MIRKWOOD strikes again! The French (with the help of some ENTS) wipe out the Pioneers.

But they cannot stand to the Panzer IIs, and are subsequently routed.

With that, Tom has no hope of securing the victory, and has already achieved the maximum victory points he can attain. The game is called- 4-3 for the French.

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