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Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 year in review

Hey, everyone else is doing it!

I'll just touch on some highlights looking back at my posts throughout the year, but first let me say thank you to all our new followers and thank you to everyone who helps me out here at WWPD- Luke, Joe, Sean, Brian, Dirty Jon, Max, Pete, and my wife Lydia. It's been a ton of fun and I'm looking forward to 2011! Here's some highlights of my 2010 in roughly chronological order.

Painted Italians- The Italians I got for Christmas 2009 got all painted this year. They've been a ton of fun to play, and I've been largely successful with them. I can't wait for Early War and see what kind of goodies (crap) they get!

New House- My wife and I bought a house, and that means new game room! It's been great having our own place. The dogs have a nice big yard to do their business, and I can be as loud as I want! While talking about personal stuff, I graduated from VCU finally. I had an Associate's degree in Information Systems Technology, but frankly, I was not satisfied. So I went back to VCU and got my Bachelor's in Computer Science. Now I'm toying with the idea of getting a Master's Degree, but that will significantly detract from my gaming so we'll have to see.

Started and Failed 3 campaigns- This is a big disappointment for me. Over the course of the year I started a Firestorm Bagration campaign, a Normandy campaign, and a N00b campaign in North Africa. Bagration fizzled out quickly, Normandy made some progress but ultimately petered out. The n00b campaign didn't come to completion, but it did serve a purpose of getting some new guys more acquainted with FoW.

Mamayev Kurgan is now my arch nemesis- I played in the MD Gamer's excellent Stalingrad campaign where I was tasked with taking the Kurgan. A few weeks ago I again battled over the Kurgan in a tournament where my army failed to achieve victory for a second time! I now have a grudge against that damn hill.

Scratched my cowboy itch- That sounds gross. Anyways, Sean and I played some Legends of the Old West. It's fun and all, but not crunchy enough to really hold my attention. I'm sure we'll pick it up at some point.

Fully Thrusted- As in- played Full Thrust. I really like this game. I really need to get more time in my space ships!

Got in several tournaments and did fairly well
  • 1st place in Bethlehem PA's North Africa Tournament running DAK panzerpioneers.
  • Got trashed at the Fall In Doubles Early War tournament running French and British with Sean
  • 2nd place in Fayetteville's Late War doubles tournament running German pioneers and grenadiers with Sean (also won best painted)
  • 2nd place at the DE Late War 1000 point tournament running German Luftwaffe

Podcasting!- And finally, we recorded 10 episodes of the Podcast. It's evolved a lot in those 10 episodes, but I think it's reaching a very nice format that we're having a blast with!

Thanks for sticking with me through 2010, see you all in 2011!
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

WWPD News From the Front Episode 9

"Jon's drinking a 40… again"

Steven and Luke sit down with newcomer Dirty Jon and have a good time talking about 2010 and the looming 2011. Not a lot of "crunchy" material covered here- think of this as the end of the year special minus songs and clips. Jon talks about his trip to Europe, the guys talk about what armies they plan to work on, and just generally talk Flames of War.

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

SS Wiking vs US 29th Inf (pics only)

To be honest, I don't feel like writing up a full batrep. Consider this my christmas break! But I did want to get these pictures up from a game Luke and I played today. We were going to record a Podcast episode, but the weather was crummy so we decided to wait till more people can make it so we can do a big end of year special. I also really wanted to use the river set my wifey got me for Christmas.

Anyhow, here's the pics- should be more or less self explanatory. Pardon my laziness- after christmas break is over I'll step it up again.

For the record, the mission was Hasty Assault with the US as the attacker. Luke had fairly abysmal reserve rolls so a good chunk of his army did not get on the board.

The end result was a 4-3 to the yanks.

I should also say that Luke did a fantastic Job. We rolled on my German army list to see what he'd run, while I ran a potential "tournament build" of my 29th inf (I was anxious to get my crocs on the board). To be honest, Luke could've had the game with some luck- he played very skillfully and really made do with an unfamiliar list.

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